Mar 21, 2013

Letter #10: Change in management

Hey there sweety pie!

Acording to Yes Man, once I'd get rid of Mr. House all his robots would stop functionin'. So before I headed inside the Lucky 38 casino, I talked to Victor one last time. Poor fella didn't even know it would be the last time.

I went up to Mr. House's penthouse and then I looked at him for a while. He was waitin' for me to talk. On my first way into the Penthouse I had noticed a terminal with a slot, with just the size of the Platinum Chip. It was my only chance. I made a run for the terminal and inserted the Chip. A door on the wall opened and I ran past it, without knowing what was inside. There was another terminal to unlock an elevator, I accessed it quickly, getting shot by Mr. House's Securitrons in the process. But then I entered the elevator and went down to the control room, where the real Mr. House was.

He was awful lookin', but still kickin'. It was so hard... Doing what I did... The man had sacrificed everything to go into that corpse-state just to have his plan come to life and, for all I know, it could work. But still, how could I trust him? How could I trust anyone but me? It was so hard sweety pie... So hard...

I did it. It felt even worst that he did not understand that what I was doing wasn't for personal gain or "vanity", as he said.

I made my way back to Yes Man, who was at the Tops' door. I told him I was ready for him to join me at the Lucky 38. He went first as I remembered that I had to recruit talent for The Tops. I accepted the job for someone specifically, but might as well do it well done. One of the people I gave Tommi's card to was a comedian that was trying to put on a show right there on The Tops' street. Only three more to go, one of them being already reserved.

Then I went to the Lucky 38 to see what Yes Man had done with the place. It was so sad entering the place without Victor sayin' "hi". When I got to the Penthouse Yes Man told me he was going to transfer himself to Mr. House's system. Once he got there he figured out what the Platinum Chip was for. So he told me to head into the Lucky 38's basement. There, he showed me a demonstration of what the Chip does. The Securitrons I knew changed the face on the screens to mean troopers and launched missiles and grenade launchers. They also repair automatically now. Yes Man said they increased their efficiency by 263%! That's a lot right?

I exited The Strip and scouted for talent in the Freeside area. At the Atomic Wrangler there was a ghoul comedian that wasn't liking his place at the Wrangler, so I took my shot. He said I had to talk to his boss to terminate the contract. The boss was easy enough to convince. Just like that, I only had two cards left.

Next thing on my list was going to the Legion's Fort, to activate a giant army of upgraded robots, that Yes Man would control at my comman. But something just came up as I exited Freeside. A weird job request by Happy Trails Caravan, who were looking for mercs, prospectors and couriers. But it had something... My instincts... I couldn't really explain. But I had a heck of an urge to do it. So I am headed to the Northern Passage and then we ride to Utah!

Love you sweety pie!

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