Mar 26, 2013

Letter #11: Happy Trails

Hey there sweety pie!

I followed what the radio transmition said would be the location. There was a cave and inside the cave there were 5 fellows. I got to know 'em all a bit. The first one I talked to was Ricky, a fellow in a vault suit, but that was lying about being on a vault. Everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. I got a chance to blackmail him and hell did I take advantage. I told him to go. The expedition would be better off without someone who lied with every teeth in his mouth. Other two were just guards who didn't talk much. Then there was Stella who was also a guard but more talkative and friendly. Finally talked to Jed Masterson, the caravan master. He thanked me and Rose for clearing out the Crimson Caravan eh eh! He told me that this expedition was all about saving the Happy Trails Caravan, because without New Canaan they would go bust. But he also told me that the Zion area was filled with tribes and raiders and we ought to be careful.

He told me that they only planned the caravan for one more, even if the Ricky fellow had left... That meant I had to tell Rose to leave for the Lucky 38. She didn't like the idea, but at least she'll be safe. I gave her my hat eh eh... She hugged me after that. Then we looked at each other, with smiles on our faces.

On our long trip, Jed told me what was happenin' in Zion. Turns out one of the people of power in Zion was the Burned Man, once known as Joshua Graham, a former tough-as-nails Legionarie, who Caesar had burned and thrown to the Grand Canyon, after he lost at Hoover Dam.

When we arrived Stella observed that we could not get back the way we came. Well darn. Also, the place was beautiful! I wish you could see it sweety pie!

We were immediatly ambushed by a tribe named White Legs... All those people I came with died... I tried my best to save them...

After shootin' my way out of the ambush I had to cross a bridge that coul very well be the last time it was going to be crossed, for how old it was. Another White Leg tried to shoot me but a tribal - from another tribe - appeared behind him and struck him down. Follows-Chalk was his name. He was affiliated with Joshua Graham and said that he wanted to talk with me. Follows-Chalk showed me around, givin' me directions and tellin' me what was happenin'.

Like the Legion, Joshua had White Legs' heads on spikes, to warn them that the Dead Horses, Joshua's and Follows-Chalk's tribe, were serious about fighting.

I arrived at the Dead Horses' camp. Most tribals were training severely outside a cave which Follows-Chalk said was the Angel Cave, where Joshua Graham was. We went in. The tribals had a hard time speakin' english properly, but they tried.

Joshua was... Not what I expected. He was already expecting a Courier from the Mojave. He showed simpathy for those who died in the ambush. He was very different from the rest of The Legion. He told me that New Canaan was destroyed by the White Legs, leaving whatever hopes I had of completing the Happy Trails' job destroyed. He said that he knew someone that could help me out but he also wanted help. I actually wanted to help. Joshua wanted pre-war instruments that would help him navigate like a compass and walkie-talkies.

Our first place to go was a crash site of a pre-war bus. There we found a broken compass which I was able to fix and we were ready to go. But we were walking for a while now and I wanted to stop and rest my feet. So we are resting next to the bus right now and then we are headed to find the other things Joshua wanted.

Love you sweety pie!

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