Mar 2, 2013

Letter #7: The path to revenge

Hello sweety pie!

We took the same road I had taken to go meet Rose. We were attacked by a gang after Nipton and she proved herself very good in a gunfight. I asked her something before we proceeded. I talked to her about that crippled Powder Ganger in Nipton, who told me that The Legion had some slaves in a camp east of town. So we searched a lil' bit and we found the camp, at night. It was the first time I was going against the Legion and I was kind of scared. They were monsters.

It didn't go as smoothly as we expected, but we got the job done. She seemed to enjoy taking on the Legion. I freed the Powder Gangers, who were scared shitless. Didn't even say a word as they ran out of the camp as fast as they could. We slept more ahead, at the El Dorado Gas Station.

We woke up early, to continue our ride. We passed by the Lonesome Drifter, but he was sleeping. I explained to Rose why I stopped there while we got back on track. On the way, on the 188 trading post, I found a Gun Runners trader, from whom I got a maple stock for my repeater. I look real smooth now!

We got to the place and most of the caravan was ash. She didn't take too kindly. She said it didn't look burnt, but desintegrated. After we checked out all the wreckage she told me she had heard of another attack like that, north of Vegas. I asked her if she wanted to check it out and the smile that appeared on her face made the whole day brightier. So we made ways.

I had my first run in against the Fiends. Ruthless bastards they are! I liked the way they died.

We got there more quickly that I thought. We found a map that had some locations marked. The one we hadn't seen yet was east of New Vegas. I just looked at her and she didn't even have to ask me if I wanted to go there. We rode there as fast as we could.

On the way I found the most odd couple. They wanted to rob the casinos of The Strip with this special gun they had found. I tried to talk them out of it and fortunatly succeeded. They even gave me their gun, a famous pre-war criminal's 9mm Sub-machinegun eh eh! When me and Rose got out of thei hideout we bursted in laughters!

We got there and had a look around, like with the others. I had to scavenge a combat armor from one of the bodies on the spot, since my clothes were pretty much torn apart... I don't really like it, but it will have to do to keep me alive! Then it hit us. The corpses on the spot were Van Graffs and Crimson Caravan's guards. Rose wanted to kill them for what they had done to her caravan. I supported her. They have no right to think themselves supperior.

So I'm sending this letter from the front door of Crimson Caravan's, where we will kill Alice McLafferty, their owner.

Love you sweety pie!

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