Mar 10, 2013

Letter #9: Unchained

Hey there sweety pie!

So I went and met Mr. House. Victor didn't let Rose through, only I could go in. He directed me to the elevator that took me to the penthouse floor. There I found a... She robot, which I didn't even know that existed, who accepted a snowgloe that I was carrying for 2000 caps! YEE HAA! She also talked very highly of Mr. House, saying he was the best and the smartest ever. I'd see.

In front of me stood no man. A giant monitor with a face in it was talking to me. I asked him why was he treatin' me like some fancy VIP fellow, if I was just a courier. He said that I wasn't "just a courier", not since Victor dug me out. So I asked what he wanted with me. He said he wanted the Platinum Chip that Benny had stolen, sayin' I could do whatever I wanted with Benny himself. Offered me 1000 caps for the job. I was just in it for Benny, so didn't hurt to make caps in the proccess! He told me to talk to Swank, one of the Chairmen (Benny's tribe), because he could help me, if I conviced him.

Eh eh, Mr. House gave me the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite! That's livin' in style! I'll send Rose there when I have to do things alone. Darn better than that Mojave NCR Outpost!

I went in The Tops, Benny's casino. I found Swank and talked to him about Benny. I told him everything and he told me he'd keep Benny away from his suite while I investigated. Before heading to Benny's suite I passed by the casino's theatre, The Aces. Y'know, 'cause I owe some fellow with a guitar? So when I'm wanderin' I'll be lookin' out for talent.

I went in Benny's suite and found something... Big. Very big. A robot, like the ones Mr. House controlls, who called himself Yes Man and said he was reprogrammed by Benny to follow every command. He had a cheery face and voice. When I asked why Benny was doing that, Yes Man said it all to me: he wanted to kill Mr. House and take over New Vegas.

There I started thinking... What if I had New Vegas? Remember what I had told you? "I'll do whatever it takes to change this Wasteland we live in. To set it free. Free from everyone who wants to rule it and ends up ruining it." This was my ticket. Yes Man was my ticket.

He said he was the robot that set up the courier that carried the Platinum Chip. The pride in his voice made me doubt whether I could or could not work with him. But when I told him who I was he "felt bad" for saying it with so much pride. I didn't know robots could "fell bad".

The plan was to recover the Platinum Chip, give it to Mr. House in order for him to think I am helping him, seeing what it did, then kill him. Also, I had to go around the Mojave and see which groups I wanted to spare or let live. Those groups were the Chairmen, the Omertas, the White Glove Society, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Boomers and the Great Khans.

After clearing things with Yes Man I headed back down to the Tops main floor, where I confronted Benny. He was very surprised to see me, as you can imagine eh eh! I told him I talked with Yes Man. Then he tried to buy me. Said he'd give me the Presidential Suite and he'd meet me there. But I am not that dumb. I told him that he had to loose the bodyguards and to go with me to the suite.

I already had it all figured out with Yes Man, so me and Benny had nothing to talk about. He still tired to do business though.

"All I want is to see you dead"

It was over.

I got the Platinum Chip and his gun. The gun wasn't really my style, but I kept it as a trophy.

I talked to Swank before heading out the casino, he was happy to know that he was the boss now. When I exited the casino, a Legionarie came talkin' to me and gave me "mark of Caesar", which supposely granted me passage to their Fort. He told me to go to Cottonwood Cove and from there I'd get a ride to the Fort.

Next step, I'm going to kill Mr. House. I'm not going to give him the Platinum Chip, I assume it is a key to wherever it is the place he is hiding, so I'll use it right when I go "meet him". I don't really want to do it, but unfortunatly I am the only one I could trust to free New Vegas.

Love you sweety pie

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