May 21, 2013

Letter #22: A farewell see you soon

Hey there sweety pie.

When I woke up in the mornin' the smell of death was in the air. My face was numb from the dawn's cold, so I'm not sure if I cried or not.

I crossed the river in the same boat I came in with. Then headed north, to the power station Yes Man wanted me to go.

I was still feelin' sick. Raul told me that probably the bunker where all the 'bots were was irraiated and that was why I was feelin' that way.

We were gettin' hit pretty hard by those damn Legionaries. I guess killin' Caesar wasn't enough. There was still gonna be a battle in the Dam and some other vicious man is commandin' those murderers. I could only hope he wasn't even worst. And right when I was thinkin' this I heard Mr. New Vegas tellin' news about the second in command in the Legion. Legate Lanius. He said he made a whole squad who had failed a mission beat their own commander to death. Sick, sick, honey...

We had to go through El Dorado Lake, or dry lake, which was infested by - I ain't even kiddin' - giant ants that breathe fire! Once we learned this we tried to take out as many as we could by the distance, to avoid gettin' burnt.

When we arrived at the power station we saw the place filled with NCR troopers. They even got one of them to come talk to me and threatin' me that in case I went in the control room there'd be trouble. Well unfortunatly there'd be trouble. I pulled out the grenade launcher and killed 'em with two shots. I was gettin' tired of the killin', but couldn't think about that. Not at that point.

I went in and powered the substation by installin' the override chip, as Yes Man asked me to.

On my way there I restocked in ammo and medicine. If there was gonna be a battle, I'd have to be ready. Also, since I went to a clinic to resupply I asked to check why I was sick. The Doctor told me it was indeed radiation and so I asked her to cure me. Smooth 'n' easy.

I got to Yes Man and I told'im everythin' was ready. And then he told me that The Legion was already movin' troops. Hell, at the time I thought there was still some time left. But hey, if they're ready, I'm ready. Yes Man told me that I had two ways of runnin' things. I could destroy the Dam's generators, makin' it useless and takin' away any reason for the NCR to stay or I could override their station, wakin' up and callin' the robots I made work at The Fort. I wanted the Dam with power, I didn't want New Vegas to end, I just wanted it to be free. And also, gettin' those robots to work was hard, I didn't want it to go to waste! But even first than that I had to intsall Yes Man into the NCR's system. That was the plan.

I told Raul he didn't need to come with me. It was my battle. But he joke, typical of him. Said that I sat through his "boring stories" (his words honey!), so he had to fight this little battle with me. I just smiled. These last days had been dark for me, so a smile was more that I could manage.

We arrived at the Dam by mornin' We were pumped, we were ready. It was not somethin' we wanted to do, but was somethin' that needed to be done. Raul even joked about being there, sayin' he didn't believe he was doin' that and that, if he died, he wanted a twelve men mariachi band (a mexican thingy, he told me eh eh) playin' at his funeral. Yes Man had a robot (those Securitrons) follow me, to guide me.

Fortunatly, the NCR was on my side. Kind of. Let's put it this way: they weren't shootin' at me. That was a plus. The bot led me to a tower that had an elevator to the office area, where I needed to install Yes Man. But hot damn, the damned room was guarded by NCR troopsters in Brotherhood of Steel armor! Gladly I had one of those plasma explosive ordinance stolen from the Brotherhood themsleves and that took care of 'em. That made the NCR clear that I wasn't with 'em and they started shootin' then.

At the control room I installed Yes Man. He appeared on tiny computers and asked me what would I want to do, power the bots at the Fort or blow up them generators. I told him to power the bots. We needed more firepower. He told me he'd do it, but I needed to press a button. The bot I was with would direct me to it.

I killed both legionaries and NCR troopsters on my way to the button. Then pressed it and the Dam got all lit up inside. I guessed the power was already bein' sent.

I got back outside, where most of the fightin' was bein' set. Once I got out I saw the whole Fort burnin' up in flames and bot back up comin' and blowin' up Legion squads.

And then I reached the end of the line. Legate's camp. More legionaries to kill and then only their leader for me to worry about. I killed them, as I said and then walked up some steps to a tent. But once I walked up I saw him. It had to be him, the leader, Legate. There he stood, gigantic, majestic.

I holstered my weapon. I may not be smart, but I ain't dumb too. That armor of his would protect him from any shot I could shoot, while he rampaged against me and cut me in half, with not much effort. So I took a deep breath and walked towards him. I told him the battle was already decided and that was the reason that I went there. He told me that the roads the Legion use to move forward are marked by the bodies and blood of people who tried to do what I was doin' just then. But then I asked him if he really thought he was movin' forward. They have been tryin' to take the Dam for years. But he said that they didn't took it because they didn't have the full power of the East - him and the remainin' legionaries - and that the West would be taken now that he was there. So, what about the East? If they needed all the East to take over the West, the East would have nothin'. He said the East would hold and that the West would be easy to hold, because nothin' was harder than the Dam. But that wasn't right. It would take all the Legion to hold the West. And he knew it. He knew he couldn't hold both East and West, even if he succeeded in the battle. And then he said that Caesar focused too much on the Dam. He would not have that place be the graveyard of the Legion. I tried to be as fancy as I could and told him there was victory in his wisdom. Then he told I, too, was wise. Hum. But also told me that he would return, eventually and test the strength of the West. He hoped that the West would be filled with men like me, so that the fight would be a worthy one. I told him I could only hope that someday his ways would change. He told me there is no changing to us. Told me we were marked by the violence and fortified by it. Told me he was was marked and that so was I, by the two bullet scars on my head. Violence was in us and it made us stronger. But sayin' this, he went back to his tent. I can't stop thinkin' about his words.

So then the Legate was taken care of. But I didn't guess that the NCR would make it's move. They do have a tendency for cowardice. I was walking out the camp and the doors blew up, throwing me back. Then when I got up I saw six of those armored Rangers and one man dressed in military fancy outfit. He came to me with big words, sayin' I did an outstandin' job and that he could he use a hundred like me and that he enjoyed the light show I put on the Fort (he was referrin' to the explosion that made the bots go free and come help me). But then I stopped him. Told him that if he liked that so much, he would LOVE what came next. And that said, almost a hundred of them bots - one of them with Yes Man on the screen - appeared behind the NCR men. The man, General Oliver, asked me, terrified, to tell them to put the weapons down. I told him that if the Hoover Dam was won by anyone, it was for me. Both him and the Legion had lost. But he didn't like that and started talkin' to me like he was mad and could do somethin'. Told me he'd shoot the hell out of me. I asked him if he thought that would be wise. But he kept on and on, sayin' that I wasn't messin' with him right then, I was messin' with the whole NCR. But that did it. I was tired of their superiority. I asked him how would he feel if I asked my bots to fuck him AND his battalions with a rocket barrage. And still the God damn bastard said he came for a fight so he'd fight. Eh eh... I told him I just killed and stood down all of the Legion's toughest. He understood what I meant. Then started talkin' about how hard it is to build a nation. But I don't care. I want the people to be free, not to have a nation. So I told him that worst than the NCR I can't do.

And that was it. I thanked deeply to Raul, cried a little. I loved his company. Told him to give my gun to Rose, because I had to take care of somethin'. He didn't want to let me go, but I told him to return to the New Independent Vegas we had returned. Raul always understood me. My best friend.

I'm wondering if what I'm doin' now, gun to my head, sittin' on the grave that Benny dug for me, is fair. Fair for Raul and for Rose. I know they like me. But I want confort. Warmth. I need you, honey. I need to go meet you. I don't want to leave you all alone in the afterlife. And I'm comin'. Knowin' I made a difference, for the better or for the worst, the people of the Mojave are free, like I wanted.

And that said, it is time to drop my pen and press my pistol against my head.

Farewell sweety pie.

I'll see you soon.

May 20, 2013

Letter #21: A whole lot of killin'...

Hey there sweety pie!

So as you knew, I was goin' to deal with them Omertas. I... I had only one way to deal with them rapists and no good drug dealers, sweety pie.

I shot'em up real good. They didn't diserve their place in the Wasteland. And I was makin' sure of that. Of course, I let all the folk that were there for the gamblin' or lookin' for fun go. I only killed anyone related to the Omertas and their lil' operations.

Of course, the suite level was the hardest. Little space, many thugs. I unlocked the two rooms I couldn't get into the first time I was there. There was nothin' there, though... So I got back to that fellow Clanden's room and shot him up too. He wasn't expecting it, I guess. But I didn't want to think about it. They had to go, all of them.

And that settled my business with the Mojave tribes. I had to go back to Yes Man. No sweety pie, I have no regrets. Those were bad fellows.

First thing Yes Man told me was that that bunker in Fortification Hill he had told me about was super-important. It had an army of these robots that Yes Man was gonna control and use as my allies. So I had to go there and upgrade them and once they were upgraded Yes Man would do the rest.

Then told my computer friend that I decided to ignore the Boomers, convinced the Great Khans to leave the Mojave, the Omertas could be out of our thoughts, the White Gloves were cannibals but I resolved that problem and that the Brotherhood of Steel was to be ignored.

Yes Man told me that Mr. House planned on helping President Kimball, the President of the NCR, who was goin' to the Mojave to visit and had a very high chance of being assassinated by The Legion. By Mr. House's calculations, the death of Kimball would result in a decrease of visitors to New Vegas for five years. But I didn't care, I just want the corrupt out of my Wasteland, so everyone can be free. So I told him I didn't care what happened.

Lastly, he gave me another assignment. I had to install an override chip at a substation controlled by the NCR. I'd get it done.

Firstly I wanted to go get my robot army. So I filled Raul in and headed south, to where the Legion fellow told me to go. Cottonwood Cove. There it would be a bark that'd take me to the Fort, Caesar's home.

Well HOT DAMN! On our way we were attacked by an assassin squad! A Legion assassin squad! That meant I was no longer a guest in Cottonwood Cove OR The Fort... But I had to go there! And so I kept on goin'.

We decided to sleep at the camp that once belonged to some gang members and I had cleared off.

When we got near that Cottonwood Cove place we got on the cliffs that watched over the camp and started pickin' up Legionaries one by one. I'm doin' a lot of killin' this time around heh? I'm sorry sweety pie.

I went down in the camp and finished 'em off. They were gettin' crippled, one legionarie after 'nother. They couldn't stop us.

I found a slave pen at the camp. I unlocked the cage and told them to run. They didn't seem to want to run at first but then I convinced them to go. Told 'em everythin' was gonna be alright. Honey... I didn't notice their explosive colars... Ten steps away from their cage and they all blew up... I... Did I do that?...

No. The Legion did it. Them bastards... I'd get them. Ohh, I'd get them honey.

I killed the man who guarded the boat to The Fort and then rode it myself to the arms of The Legion. But not to hug them. To grab 'em and break 'em.

I got in the camp and they recognized me right away. Didn't even gave 'em time to act, I shot 'em right then. The more I advanced, the more of them there were. But I kept killin' 'em. And Raul too. He shared my pain. Pain that was not mine, but from everyone who The Legion had hurt.

I had almost forgotten why I did go to The Fort. But still, before I went in the bunker, I had to pay Caesar a visit. That bastard.

A couple o' explosive ordinance later, there he was the "Mighty" Caesar, by my feet. Dead. Like many who bravely dared to cross his path. His reign of terror was over.

Then I went in the bunker. There were a couple more legion inside, but I was used to killin' them by then. I put the Platinum Chip in a slot and a hatch opened, leadin' to a door with the Lucky 38 logo. Pass that doors, there were robots and somethin' weird in the air. I started feelin' sick. But I advanced to the end of the bunker. There were lots 'n' lots o' machines. In the end there was 'nother console for me to put the Chip in. I did and I guess that did the trick. There was a big noise and I heard robots marchin'. Then looked out the glass and hooooly dayum sweety pie! We're gonna have lots of support, believe that!

I got out of the bunker. I'm tired and feelin' sick. I have to sleep here at the Fort. The place where I just killed dozens of people. But I can't let that bother me. It's a good deed that I had done to my future Wasteland.

Love you, sweety pie.

May 17, 2013

Letter #20: Playin' cupid...

Hey there sweety pie!

I was searched once I got inside the casino, like useual. Raul, too. I didn't know where to start, so Raul suggested we'd talk to the woman at the entrance counter and maybe she'd even give us some dirt on the fellows. While the lady did have loose lips, she seemed afraid to talk about anything related to the Omertas family. Well if even one of their own is afraid it was worth checkin' right?

Lots of strippers, gamblers and drunks inside the casino. Took quite a few turns in the lower lobby, main level and the suites. Lots of areas had restricted access, so I couldn't get inside.

Found the first man that wasn't wearing the Omerta's outfit in suites so I sat down and talked with him. Clanden was the fellows name. He wasn't a man of many words, though. Actually sounded weird.

I couldn't take it anymore. They had all the atmosphere of being criminals, but I couldn't find nothin'! So I broke into the first unguarded locked room I found. Searched everything. I found something illegal alright. It belonged to someone named Cachino, it was a bunch of notes about his own chems and weapons traffic. It seemed clear, also, that the Omertas did not know a thing. So I could use this in my advantage. All the other things on the floor were either tightly guarded of unlockable, so I got down. Thought I'd find this "Cachino" fellow.

Both me and Raul were startin' to get tired of walkin around. We had only one more place to search that wasn't guarded. The Courtyard. Well, we had no idea that's where all the... Prostitutes, would be at. One of them came talkin' to me right away. Joana was her name. She thought I wanted some... Action. Heck. I told her I just wanted to ask some questions. She didn't want to answer my Omertas questions. So I asked about her, to see if I could get a more personal approach. She started to avoid my questions, so I told her, calmly, that she could trust me. She got sad and told she couldn't talk there, so asked me to follow her to her room.

Once we got there I asked her about the Omertas. Her attitude had changed, she called 'em sons of bitches and was willin' to answer my questions. Told me their leader was Nero and that Big Sal was his right hand. Also mentioned Cachino. Said he did nasty, nasty things... Oh honey.

She also started talkin' about her, because she was afraid. She thought she'd die eventually in that place. Mentioned a Carlitos, so I asked about him. She said that he was an Omerta who fell in love with her and, since that was breakin' the rules, Cachino ratted him and he disappeared. I asked her if there was a chance that Carlitos was alive. She said that if he was, he could be long gone. I said I'd find him. The poor girl deserved a chance.

So I left the Gomorrah. Raul told me the best place for him to be was near but far. Hidden under their noses. Because he wouldn't abandon the woman he loved. Heh, made sense! So we searched the Vault 21 hotel, the only low profile buildin' around that could accomodate someone. Sarah, the hotel's owner, told me that he was indeed there. Jackpot, eh eh!

When I found him he was in pretty bad shape. Tryin' to drink himself to 6 feet under. But he got very happy once I told him that Joana had sent me. Asked me to let her know that he was alive and ready to help her. So off I went back to the Gomorrah.

Runnin' back 'n' forth... Raul called me a cupid, eh... Oh well, me and my big heart!

When I got to Joana she was really happy to know that Carlitos was alive. Then she told she wanted to get all the other girls out too, so it would be a little bit harder. I told her I'd keep her safe, no matter what. And so she agreed to flee the Omertas. And I had to go back to Carlitos to tell him... Damn.

Carlitos had a plan. I had to get the girls to Freeside, there he'd have backup. I had to talk to his guys, to tell them Carlitos wanted to collect his favors. That was all right, but I asked him how did he intended to get her out of the Gomorrah. That woul be the hard part, I guessed. But he told me that if they dressed right, like the general Gomorrah customers, the bouncers wouldn't notice the girls.

Me and Raul decided not to collect Carlitos' favor. We were enough, if anything even went down. We had each other's backs. Los Vaqueros of the Mojave, eh eh! (Raul has actually taught me that it is "Los Vaqueros de la Mojave", eh eh).

I met Joana and told her the plan. We had to wait until midnight, like Carlitos wanted. Joana already had the clothes and the girls ready. And so we left the Courtyard. And the Gomorrah. No one even suspected a thing! It all went well honey, eh eh!

We met Carlitos outside The Strip's gate, like he said. It was all goin' pretty well, but then some Omertas appeared. Hell. I came up with somethin' real quick. Told him he was ruinin' "the mission". Of course, he didn't know what I was talkin' about. I mumbled a bit, yeah, but then I told him that the Omertas were tradin' Joana for what Carlitos had stolen. And that I was hired to watch over the deal. They bought it. Eh eh, my silver tongue saved us once again!

Carlitos and Joana seemed so happy. The other girls, too. I didn't want nothin' for the trouble. Just wanted them to leave. And now... The Omertas will get to know me. Mark my words sweety pie. No one gets away with those ammount of crimes in my Wasteland.

Love you sweety pie!

May 14, 2013

Letter #19: Sick, sick people

Hey there sweety pie!

I exited the Lucky 38 with Raul while Rose was still a-sleepin' and went to the Ultra-Luxe and was greeted by a creepy fellow with a mask, who asked me to give him all my weapons. Very polite. But still, so creepy. Everyone of them wore a mask.

I noticed a man with a cowboy hat that was sittin' on the balcony. You know that if I have to talk to anyone, my first choice is always someone with a cowboy hat eh eh! He didn't even let me talk, though! When I approached him he asked me if I hadn't seen a young man around, It his son that was missin'. His name was Heck Gunderson and his son was Ted. Of course, the old man seemed to be in pain, so I offered my help.

Then I went talk to the leaders. I had to ask them about Ted and about themsleves, in order to know 'em better. I ended up talkin' to a man in a fine top hat. He didn't know nothin' about no one's son and also had an attitude, like his "White Gloves" were better than anyone. Hell, I don't like these people sweety pie!

I talked to the other leader, a woman. I said I was lookin' for someone and she said that she had already talked to an investigator about that and that she was tired of people accusing them of cannibalism just because they once were cannibals. HELL!, I really don't like these people! What if the investigator is right and they are holdin' the boy captive to eat him? God damn, I had to get to the bottom of this! Raul wasn't likin' it too. She pointed me to the previous investigator's room and so I went there. Went I got to the room i found only a dead body. While I was looking at the body something hit me in the head. I fell to the ground and when I looked up Raul was fighting to of them White Gloves. I tried to get up and help with the fight, but I ain't much in a hand to hand fight. Then we heard shots and looked at the door. That same man that helped me in Zion was now in the Mojave helpin' me! He was gone before I could see straight.

So, we had a dead investigator and White Gloves tryin' to kill me for investigatin'. Oh they're goin' down.

The investigator had a note with him that said "Steam Room, 4PM". I guess I'd be there instead of him. It was pretty hot on that damned thing while I expected the someone or something to appear. And someone did appear. It was someone who I had seen earlier, he was a White Glove but the only one who did not wear one of those creepy masks. His name was Chauncey. He said that Mortimer, the fellow with the top hat, was starting to take their group into the old cannibal days and that's why people started missin'. He also told me about Heck Gurdenson. He asn't the man I thought he was, he was crazed, always used brute force, even to drive his Brahmin cattlers' competition away. That was why he was so rich. Still, I couldn't let the White Glove go with these crimes... These... Freaks...

Once we were done talkin' those... An... An assassin sent by those motherfuckers to kill Chauncey. He also tried to kill me, but me and Raul were too much for'im. I'd expose them and end this fa├žade, no matter what!

Chauncey gave me a few ideas to unmask the White Gloves. First I had to become an honorary member, to have full access to all Ultra-Luxe. I spoke to Marjorie and, given my reputation around the Strip, she accepted and gave me the key to the member-only section. Then I had to see it from the inside. I found it easy to sneak around without being seen into the kitchen area. Sure, they saw me enterin', but then I made my way swiftly to the kitchen without anybody seein' me.

Once in the kitchen, I had to drug the wine. I didn't really know how to do it, but I took some advice from a magazine I had on me and I did it. Hoped it would work. Then I had to call the waiter. But heck, the "chef" or whatever they called the fellow wouldn't leave the place where the intercom was! So I told the guy I was a new member, so that he wouldn't go crazy crazy on me and then told him I had seen radroaches on the pantry. Eh eh, wasn't that fun! Once he got there I locked him inside! He won't starve, at least eh eh!

I called the waiter and saw him grab the wine and take it up. That would only keep them occupied while I took Ted out though. It wouldn't expose the White Gloves. But I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't cook, like Chauncey suggested, even though I had the recipe. I'm that bad!

I found Ted. He was alive, in the freezer. Fortunatly. I didn't like'im though, just because he was rich he thought he was better than anyone else. He wanted to tell his father what happened and that would get all White Gloves killed. I told him only Mortimer and his followers were to blame and persuated him to believe me - he was a stubborn kid.

It worked. Ted, Raul and me walked by the Gourmand (the restaurant in which he was s'posed to be served as food...) like no one even noticed us and from there we ran to Heck, his father. He asked me who was responsible and I pointed him to Mortimer. He said he'd cut off Brahmin supply to everyone in The Strip and make them starve. I told him that'd be what they wanted, 'cause everybody would start eatin' each others. And he accepted that.

White Gloves wouldn't forget me anytime soon. They wouldn't be cannibals for sure. As sure as that's that, they won't be a problem. Only one more tribe to know before talkin' to Yes Man!

Bah, the Gomorrah's entrance is filled with strippers or hookers! I don't really like that stuff! I'm so glad to have you eh eh! I'm now ridin' into this pit of sin honey, I'll let you know how it went!

Love you sweety pie!

May 7, 2013

Letter #18: Los Vaqueros of the Mojave

Hey there sweety pie!

We exited Camp McCarran and rode north, to Nellis Airforce Base, to make contact with the folks called Boomers. When we approached the road to Nellis a stranger talked to us. Told us we'd get blown ta pieces if we went on. Seems like the Boomers shoot everyone on sight. With artillery. Big explosions. Well, not a good first impression I tell ya that! The stranger wanted to tell me the way to get past them, but only if I wagered with'im. Well why not. I gave the fella 300 caps and he said he'd double it if I could get back. Eh eh!

George, the stranger's name, told me it was all in the timing. I had to take cover while they were shootin' and run while they were reloadin'. And so I did it. It was hell on Earth baby! Explosions everywhere. I had to grab the wall I was pressin' against or else I'd get thrown out by the air waves! They reloaded, I ran. They shot, I hid. They reloaded and I ran to their fence, where they wouldn't shoot.

The guard was very surprised to see me alive. I put my hands up and said I didn't want no troubles. Then a girl came along, her name was Raquel. She was in charge of the security there. She took me to their leader. Their leader was an old woman named Mother Pearl. She said my coming was like a gift. Because they had so many problems. Now... This is where it gets rough. I couldn't help them baby. I saw the airforce base. They have farms, water, security. They live in their own world. I have to worry about mine. How I can keep the Mojave alive. I... I didn't like makin' that call. As I left Mother Pearl's house I felt sad. Y'know I like to help people. But I also have to make choices. There's a battle coming. If I don't prepare, I'll never get the Mojave to work the way I want it to, the best way to work.

I explored a bit more before I left. I wanted to see the Boomers. Maybe after I got the Mojave to work I could still comeback for them!

While watchin' the Hangars an' all those broken planes Someone caught my eye. An old man. Yes, this was the perfect oportunity to show Raul once and for all that old men can be useful! I could only hope that he was indeed useful eh eh! His name was Loyal. He was the repairman of the tribe. Just like Raul eh eh!

It didn't take long before Raul talked with me. Said that it was a good thing to see and I smiled. I knew what he ment. All those old people, making best of what they could to help their own. Then Raul asked me if he wanted me to finish his story. I smiled and leaned against a wall. Said headed north to Tuscon, Arizona. Had a shack and started fixin' things for the town and it's folk. He said he was... Happy, there. I asked why didn't he stay. Y'know, 'cause I do want so see Raul happy. He deserves it. He said that, after living in Tuscon for 75 years, he saw someone. Claudia was the gal's name. Said she looked just like Rafaela, her sister. Claudia worked in the town's brothel. Then a tribe of raiders went in to town, lookin' for ammo. Raul told me he sold them the ammo, hopin' they'd leave without no trouble if he did. But he was wrong. They went in the brothel and got crazy. Killed four of the girls. Took Claudia with them to their hide-out. Raul followed them, tracked 'em down. Took'im three days. When he had arrived, Claudia was shot in both her eyes... He avenged her, just like he did with Rafaela. Didn't go well. He killed two of them and the other five shot'im and shot'im hard. Said he was kept alive purely by rage and will power. And then he shot'em all. They were dead. Caudia avenged. He just laid there. After some time he could move. Even more time, he made it back to Tuscon. Then, after he recovered better, he rode West, swearing he'd give up on the gunslingin' life. Walked into Tabitha in Black Mountain. The rest I already knew right? Eh eh! But then he thought that, seeing me fight, he was only slowing me down. He sugested to keep my pistols workin' while I did the shootin'. Well, I respect his decision. I respect him. But I did say that he was foolin' himself. He was great with his pistols. Better than me. And then... You'll never guess what Raul took off his backpack sweety pie, eh eh!

His Old Vaquero costume eh eh eh! Raul and Carter, Los Vaqueros of the Mojave! (he'll teach me better spanish eventually eh eh!)

So we left Nellis, with hopes to come back after the Mojave's business was settled. We went into Freeside and got to The Strip as fast as we could. I still had to look into the White Gloves, the Omertas and had to go to The Tops to check on my buddy. I did that last one.

I talked with Tommy Torini at the Tops. Everyone I had talked to to go there was there. I received the caps though and then sat next to my friedn. We talked a little about what he thought of his new life. I could only think about I would, hopefully, make it all even better. And not just for him, but for everyone!

I wanted to go to the Lucky 38. Not talk to Yes Man, I'd do that when everything was done. I wanted to see Rose. And also get a good night's sleep. But Rose... It wasn't fair for her, I haven't been around for so long!

When she saw me walk out of the elevator she slapped me, then hugged me and then cried. We sat down and talked a lot. About Zion, about Raul... About my new hat, eh eh! It was so good to be with her again. We stood up late. And now I am going to sleep. A lot. Eh eh!

Love you sweety pie!

May 2, 2013

Letter #17: Keeping promises

Hey there sweety pie!

Now that that gal Melissa was on my side I was ready to return to Red Rock an' tell that the Legion was bad to all those other folk that I had to convince.

Aw Hell, as soon as we stepped out of the camp one of them deathclaw critters spotted us and came runnin', luckily we could keep it of our backs. Sheesh, those are some tough critters sweety pie!

I arrived at the Red Rock an' I knew the next order of business was to talk to a fellow named Jack and his sweetheart Diane. While I was on my way to the drug lab a Legionarie appeared, telling me that "Karl sent his regards". I only knew Karl was the Legion representative in the Great Khans, but I hadn't done anythin' to be attacked! Honest! Well, poor fellow and his machete had no chance against me and Raul...

We got to Jack and Diane fast enough. Regis had told me that I only had to convince one of them to get them both on my side. So I went for Jack. If he was anythin' like me, he wouldn't want anythin' to happen to his sweetheart. He talked really funny, like he was on some of the stuff he made. I asked him to opose to Caesar's alligiance and he said he wouldn't, because he didn't care who was in charge as long as he had Diane. Ain't that sweet. Problem was, he wouldn't have Diane. Caesar would make her a slave, just like Melissa would be made. And I told him just that. He said a bunch of funny words and then ended up saying he and Diane had my back. I really liked talkin' to this fellow eh eh!

On my way to the longhouse a couple more Legionaries appeared, tellin' me "You don't give up, do you?". Hell, no. And it wouldn't be a couple of fellows in skirts that would keep me away from my goals! All those attacks only made Karl look more suspicious. I went into the longhouse and snuck into his room. I found his journal on a small table. It said that he was sick of being among those "savages" and that he couldn't wait until they did Caesar's bidding so that they could all become slaves. Poor Great Khans folk, bein' played like that... I wouldn't stand for it!

I stood in front of Papa Khan's table for a while. There eating were also Regis and Karl. I looked at Karl as I handed to Papa Khan his journal. It was the last time they ate together. Papa killed the man himself.

Regis was convinced by the journal too. Now I only had to talk to Papa Khan about finally breaking the alliance. He told me he was confused. If he wouldn't stand with Caesar, where would he regain his tribe's greatness? I could see that the fellow really cared about his tribe, his men, women and children. I told him he didn't need to look for others to have his glory back. The Khans were proud and strong. Then I yelled, so that the whole house could hear, that he should claim his own glory! I felt kind of powerful sweety pie eh eh! He liked what he heard and told me that as soon as the battle for Hoover Dam started he would move out of the Mojave with his tribe and conquer other territories. I wished him the best and left Red Rock with a big smile on my face.

Next was to go to Nellis. I made only a slight detour on our ride... Remember my Lonesome Drifter friend right? I told you I promised myself I would get him a good job! I rode to him an' gave him The Tops' business card. He was very surprised to see me. Must've thought I had abandoned him, like his pa... He was very happy sweety pie eh eh!

I had another promise that I had to keep track of. I thought Camp McCarran was a good place to look for an old man who was still useful for his folk. You do know what I'm talkin' about right?

We arrived there at night and were tired. Raul didn't even know why would we walk into a NCR camp like that. I told him we had to sleep and it was safe. He mumbled some complaints and then kept walkin'. So we went to sleep on one of the empty tents. When I woke up I dragged Raul out of his bed and talked to one of the 1st Recon fellows, the old one. Then I started talkin' to him. Corporal Sterling was his name. He said he was once a Ranger, but got captured by The Legion and they tortured him, making his hands useless in a close ranged gunfight. Then the fellow said he crawled out of the place on his elbows and his knees and rolled down to the Colorado river, where he was found by other Rangers by luck. Damn. When we said goodbye I looked at Raul for a while and then started walking towards the exit of the Camp. As we were nearing the exit, Raul touched my shoulder. Asked me if I had a second. Heck, the expression on his face sweety pie... I didn't go to Sterling to make him talk, I was just trying to make him feel useful. But if he wanted to open up to me, I didn't mind that. Not one bit.

First he asked me if I thought that Sterling had done the right thing by continuing his service even after getting tortured and made almost useless. I told him of course, it was great to have such determination. Then he continued his story. He said he had to run with Rafaela. Told her he'd take her to see the "vaqueros", cowboys, in Mexico City. Thing is, Mexico City was annihalated by the Great War and they didn't know that. He said the city had become radioactive ruins, filled with forming raider tribes. Eventually, as they scavanged the town, the radiation started transforming him into a ghoul. Then he said one of his best memories was founding a costume store with an untouched Vaquero (Cowboy!) outfit, eh eh! He said he took it to hide his burns. Said it made her sister Rafaela laugh for the first time since the bombs had fallen. He said the costume created a legend. Which was not good. More people went after them, to prove themselves to friends, to prove they could take on the Vaquero. Then he started to sound sad... I asked him calmly to go on. He said Rafaela went off to find food for herself, because he was sick with the radiation. Sadly, some raiders went scavenging at same time and place that she went. The... The only way he could recognize Rafaela, his own sister... Was from a scar on her knee... I... I couldn't say anything... Terrible couldn't even describe what he had been through... He said he got a little crazy and killed the raiders for revenge. Then he wanted to be alone... Forever... He said he started travelling, thinking about his life. Thought the guns hadn't brought anything to him but disgrace, so he took off the Vaquero suit and put on the Petro-Chico jumpsuit he found on one of their refineries. Then he said he eventually made it to Arizona, but he wouldn't continue. I didn't want to force it, too. He had said so much to me... Raul... A great friend.

We'll be here at the Camp for a while more and then head on to Nellis Airforce Base, to make contact with those Boomers Yes Man told me about.

Love you sweety pie!

Apr 23, 2013

Letter #16: A sad ghoul

Hey there sweety pie!

Before exiting the motel room I told Raul all about my quest for an Independent New Vegas. He agreed to support me and suggested we'd go to the Red Rock Canyon, home for the Great Khans. So we exited the motel room and prepared for our ride.

On our way we found an old NCR Ranger. I decided to talk to him. Remember that promise I made to Raul right? The Ranger, Andy, did say he felt a little useless though. He said he used to talk to some other rangers over the radio but then they stopped talkin'. He thought they got tired of him, so I offered to go see what was going on. He refused though. He didn't want them to think that he was havin' trouble movin' on. Then I asked  how did he got injured, since he had told me that his arm and leg wasn't workin' so well. He told me a pretty sad story. The Legion had used a child to lure him into a grenade the kid would drop. Damaged half his body. I told him what I tried to tell Raul. His body was injured, not his head. He got happy and taught me a technique he had learned when on the Rangers. It was a takedown, might come in handy when I run out of ammo eh eh! Point was, Andy felt better about himself. Age can do a number on your body, but your knowledge counts too.

After Andy got in his house and we were about to ride, Raul asked me if he could ask me somethin'. He asked me what I thought of Ranger Andy. What I thought of people who had given all but ended up not being able to do nothing anymore. I told him I thought all the experience earned was invaluable. Then he... opened up to me. A lil'. He asked me if I would be surprised to know if he once was a gunslinging adventurer. And then he told me his story from the begining. He lived in a family farm, before the Great War. Always was quick with his hands, either with a pistol or with a wrench. He told me his farm was far from the explosions so they survived the war, but things got bad quickly after that... He said his family helped refugees that came from Mexico City, where the bombs dropped right on, but that there were so many refugees that they had to start turning folk away. Then folk got violent. They burned his house and trapped all his family inside... He only had time to grab his lil' sister - Rafaela - and go off one window... His parents, grandmother, two brothers and two other sisters... All burnt to death... Raul killed the men that followed 'em while he ran with his sister. He had always been a good shot. Then he figured he should protect his Rafaela rather than go crazy with thoughts of revenge. He stopped there. I asked him if he blamed himself for what had happened then. He wasn't sure, but thought that with all his skills with a pistol, he should be able to do somethin'... I couldn't say anythin' else, he then thanked me for listening to him so kindly. Darn sweety pie... Poor Raul...

We went west and ended up near Goodsprings. I told Raul what the good Doc Mitch had done for me and he told me we should visit. So we did. The Doc didn't have much to say, he was glad to see me but didn't have any stories of late. Goodspring is a fine, quiet town, sure it didn't have anything new happenin'. And I liked it that way.

We went north, the ways of the Red Rock. On the main road there were some cazadores. We killed them and decided to go left, on a path that seemed deserted. While walkin' the path we found many burnt bodies layin' around and at the end of it was a camp swarmin' with those killer flys. Me and Raul hardly handled 'em. We needed to go slow after that fight. Dumb shortcut eh?

When we arrived I recognized the costumes that folk were wearin'. The fellows that gave me Benny's lighter at Boulder City had the same outfit. The ones that aided in my death. Still, I had to check 'em out. I went straight for the longhouse, the only building that wasn't a tent around the place. I talked right to the man who seemed to be the leader. He considered me a cub amongst wolves. I asked him to tell me the story of his people, so I could know about the Khans. I learned that there was an incident with the NCR a while back, in which they slaughtered the Khans' elderly, children, women and sick... Darn. Then Papa Khan, the leader, told me that they had now an alliance with Caesar's Legion. Oh no... I asked him, a bit afraid, for him to break up his alliance with the Legion. I told him that Caesar was just usin' 'em folks and then they'd all be slaves when it was all over. He didn't listen though. I had no more options, so we left the longhouse.

On my leave I was followed by the man who sat next to Papa Khan. He wanted to talk to me about breaking the Khan-Legion alliance. YEE HAA! He said I had to convince specific folk around the Khans in order to make Papa Khan listen. He pointed me out to them. Regis, the man who talked to me, still needed something to convince him, even though he wanted the alliance to be broken. I would do it. The Legion doesn't need supporters. And the Great Khans are good enough to go on without going so low.

So me and Raul had to leave Red Rock to go find a Melissa girl. The other ones I had to convince were all inside the camp so I'd do it when I got back.

It was dark from the night, critters were everywhere. Dangerous critters. Cazadores, Deathclaws, Giant Scorpions... I tried to avoid most. We ended up killin' three of those deathclaws... Sweety pie, those critters scare me to death!

Then we finally found the darn camp where Melissa was.  To convince her, I simply had to say what Regis told me. I had never seen any woman serve the Legion. They used women only as slaves.

They let us sleep at their camp now. We'll be ridin' back to Red Rock in the mornin'.

Love you sweet pie!

Apr 14, 2013

Letter #15: Raul The Ghoul!

Hey there sweety pie!

I made my way south to find the Brotherhood of Steel. I also had to go see an old friend regardin' the talent search at the Tops. I decided to first go to the Brotherhood of Steel and then, on my way back North, I'd pass by my friend.

I picked up a weird radio signal approaching the site Yes Man told me to go. It was a normal radio station, but hosted by a Super Mutant! At least it seemed like one! Black Mountain radio... Perhaps I'll go look for the host eh eh!

I got to the top of the mountain without being seen and, knowin' Super Mutants, I tried my best to stay that way. Then I found a building with a radio. I accidently pressed a button and stopped the Super Mutant's radio broadcast and they started talking directly to me. So I did the first thing that came to mind, played Super Mutant. Then loud noises came from everywhere outside the building I was in, shots firin' and Mutants screamin'... They were fightin' each other!

After all the comotion passed I snuck my way to the top of the top of the mountain, where the host would be. Only by then I realised how stupid my idea was! The top had three buildings, one was a storage room, the other was a prison and the other one I didn't get to know what it was. On the prison there was a terminal with one of the prisoner's entries and a locked door. On one of the entries there was the password that unlocked the door. Inside there was a ghoul in a jumpsuit. He said his name was Raul Alfonso Tejada. He had an hispanic accent and was kind of funny. Raul the Ghoul, eh eh! When I told him to enjoy his freedom he sounded like he didn't want to head onto the wastes by himself. So what the hell, we now travel together, eh eh!

When Raul accepted to come with me, the Super Mutant radio host, who had heard our conversation, yelled that I could not take it's Raul. So I knew to expect a fight once I exited the building. And what would you know, Raul the Ghoul was pretty quick on his hand in a gun fight eh eh! And besides that, I found that the Super Mutant host was a hostess! A girl Super Mutant eh eh! Too bad she's dead.

So, together with Raul, we rode to the Brotherhood of Steel! It was very near the Black Mountain, so we had no problem gettin' there. When we got near the place Yes Man told me to go a huge sandstorm rose and we couldn't see very well. It was hard to find anything in that place, it was dark and the sandstorm prevented us from seeing anything. We entered the first door we found, which was hidden in a hill.

Inside there was mostly rubble and a couple o' skeletons. But we had to camp there anyways. I talked with Raul for a long time. I wanted to know more about him. I got to know that he felt useless for being old. I told him that lots of old folk were still kickin' for their communities, being a huge help, but he didn't believe me. So I made myself a promise to find some of those old folks, to show Raul that he didn't need to think like that! We talked a little more about him being from Mexico and how he ended up a prisoner. Then we went to sleep.

When we exited the bunker we were attacked by a Brotherhood patrol, with their giant armor and laser canons, for no reason! We were able to run and hide under a rock, since our weapons wouldn't make a difference against their armor. We hid for 2 hours until we made sure they were gone. I still decided to at least make decent contact with them, even if it was just to try and know why did they attack us!

We entered a bunker similar to the other one. But, once I got by one of the inside doors it closed, leaving Raul locked outside. A Brotherhood guy came talkin' to me and told me to strip all of my weapons, clothes and equipment. If I didn't do it, they'd shoot me down like a dog! They unlocked Raul's path and took us both inside their hidden bunker, to talk to their head man. Once I figured out their motifs I would leave the place and go tell Yes Man what to do. Or so I hoped.

I talked to their leader - which they called Elder - and he told me to take care of a NCR Ranger that was set up in one of the bunkers. I told him I wasn't interested because I wasn't a murderer for hire, but he didn't care, he said he wasn't giving me options. They put an explosive collar in me, so that if I wandered off the Hidden Valley my head would pop off. Darn sweety, I wasn't likin' these rascals one bit! I put on all my clothes back and headed where they told me to.

I found the bunker that the Ranger was usin' and he wasn't there. So I rigged his radio to blow up the next time he used it. Poor fella. I went back to the HQ bunker to report to the Brotherhood fellows. The Elder admired my strategic way of killing the Ranger and took the explosive collar off. He told me I was free to come and go and that he would like to see me again for more missions. But I had seen enough. I exited their bunker with no intents of coming back. I still had to check the Great Khans, the Boomers and some of The Strip's casinos. But me and Raul were very tired. We made our way to nearby Novac, a friendly town which I liked very much, unlike these Steel folk.

We arrived at Novac and rented a room. Those folk liked me so much that they gave me the rom for free, eh eh! So now we're goin' to have a nice, long and deserved nap.

Love you sweety pie!

Apr 9, 2013

Letter #14: Never a hat had so much meaning

Hey there sweety pie!

I left the Narrows with Joshua, to carry on Daniel's plan. We were headed to Pine Creek. We were supposed to ride straight to freedom, but we had been told that the White Legs were causin' trouble. They were desecratin' some Sorrows' folk graves, holding some of them prisioners elsewhere and holding a bridge that was a vital stand. Now I know I'm to be damned for this, but the prisioners of war were too much of a detour and the more time we took, the longer we would put every other tribal in danger so... We left them behind.

Near the graves being desecrated were some Sorrows that wanted to join the fight. I told them to go, no more casualties were needed. Then I advanced with Joshua and shot the White Legs dead.

Afterwards it was the bridge. We decided that I'd lure them out of the beach and that Joshua would stay behind, to fire from above. But these tribals were stronger. Not only that, smarter too. They pushed me the other way, making me deal with them all by myself, which wasn't easy at all. After they were dead I tried to follow a water stream, in order to keep myself hidden from more White Legs, but the patch lead to a huge rock we could not climb. By that time it was already morning.

It wasn't really my style, but after shootin' down yet another party of those White Legs I picked up one of their machine guns. It wasn't really my style, but I had to catch what I can to get them tribals, who were gettin' more and more vicious.

We found our way to the Pine Creek, Joshua Graham warned me that Salt-Upon-Wounds would be guarding the place. I had only heard about "Salt-Upon-Wounds" in mumblings by Waking Cloud and Follows-Chalk, I didn't really know who he was. Joshua told me he was the White Legs' leader. A great warrior.

When we approached he came running towards me, saying he'd kill me. Truth is, he was heavily outnumbered. I put both my hands in the air and yelled at him to wait. He stopped and listened to me. I told him, as calmly as I could, that his power was broken and that there was no hope for him to prevail. There was still time for him to leave the place peacefully. He ended up telling me that they'd leave but would return. By then, Daniel's plan would already be fulfilled.

I talked to Daniel, which was at the entrance of the tunnel waiting for me. I told him to go, but he noticed some Sorrows were missing. I told him I was sorry but he wouldn't forgive me, he was so angry... Still, he gave me the detonator and I was to blow up the tunnel entrance as soon as they entered, so that the White Legs could not follow them. And that... Sealed my envolvement with Zion. Before I headed back to the Mojave, there was a package waiting for me. It had Daniel's hat. I smiled and a tear almost came out.

I never saw them again, during my journey back to the Mojave.

Little or no sun was there to welcome me back. I wasn't in a sunny mood either. I know it ended up being the right choice, but I couldn't stop thinkin' about those Sorrows that I had left behind.

Well, back to my Mojave business! I'm now resting for a while and thinkin' about what's next. I was thinking of leavin' Cass to the luxury of Vegas for a while longer. I think I'm heading to where Yes Man told me the Brotherhood of Steel was. Yes. I also had to go to The Legion's headquarters, because Yes Man told me there was an army of robots for me there. I'd go there later.

Love you sweety pie!

Apr 4, 2013

Letter #13: My Zion stay is coming to an end

Hey there sweety pie!

As I told you, Daniel asked me to do lots of things. I decided to go first trap the Yao Guai in their caves, because I had been with the critters and heeeell are they tough! When I exited the White Bird's cave it was raining. It was beautiful at first, but it gets me soaked wet and I don' like it no more.

On our way to the critters' cave we were attack by helluvah lot of those White Legs folk. In one of the encounters, a mysterious man appeared, a stranger, saving my life while Waking Cloud was busy and I was reloading. Thank you, whoever you are!

When we approached the Yao Guais' location, Waking Cloud talked to me because she was scared. She had reasons to, Yao Guai were indeed very tough. I told her I planned on blowin' up rocks to block the entrance of the critters' cave, trappin' them inside. We snuck inside the cave and planted the mines in three locations. Then we went back outside and DUCK AN' COVER eh eh!

The blast made everything shake like crazy!

After that we decided to go find the map that Daniel asked me, the Great Stairway map. Waking Cloud led me west to go find it. The White Legs attack were becoming more and more frequent, they were starting to scare me. The place Waking Cloud took me was called Mourning Glory Cave. It was guarded by two Yao Guai, so I was afraid for what could be inside.

Waking Cloud did not thing we would go inside, because once we entered she became very worried. She told me we should not be there, because the place belonged to the "Father of the Cave". I didn' know who that Pa was, but I had to do what Daniel asked me! She said that he was the God of the New Canaanites. I continued to do what I had and Waking Cloud followed me. Well, apparently it wasn't so important, was it?!

At the end of the cave I found a sleep roll, a duffle bag and a terminal. I went through the duffle bag and found one of those holotapes that I can connect to my pip-boy, which was the map Daniel wanted. Then I looked at the terminal. From what I understood, it was a diary of a Great War survivor... Darn intense, sweety pie..!

We left the camp and next on the list was dealin' with some White Legs' traps. Short walk, everything in Zion's close-by! On my way there, as we tried to sneak with the help of rain and the night, a giant radscorpion appeared from behind us. Luckily, a huge dog was nearby and decided to help us. I pet him, but he didn't stay with us for long though. Then we got at the place. I was able to disarm one of the traps, but then we were spotted and I had no choice to kill all those White Legs who were layin' down those traps.

Then for the last assignment, dealing with the White Legs camp. Daniel said to deal with them, but probably meant to kill them all. I would think of something else, if possible. When we approached, Waking Cloud told me that if we stole a war totem that the White Legs placed in their camp they'd lose the will to fight. Hot damn, these tribals are heck of a supersticious! We stole that war totem from the first camp we went to and then headed to the second camp. The second camp was harder though, because it was surrounded by mountain, only had one entrance. So we had to shoot to kill.

We made our way to the Narrows as fast as we could, because the White Legs were furious after that attack. We even swam through the river, to be quicker. I lost my hat on it, we didn't even have time to go back for it.

When we arrived, Daniel was sitting with Joshua at the Sorrows' camp. I spoke with Daniel and told him I got everything. He told me knew Joshua's intentions of killing all the White Legs, but he still wanted to leave Zion, having nothing to do with the White Legs, living both tribes at peace. I was forced to make a decision. Of course, I remembered what I wanted to do for the people of the Mojave. Liberate everyone so that all could live at peace, the way they wanted. I had to tell Daniel I was with him. If there is a shot at peace, I will be quicker than my own shadow in unholsterin' my weapon an' takin' the darned shot.

Now we rested for the night and while we did Daniel exited with other Sorrows small groups. Me and Joshua are in charge of taking the remaining groups off of Zion. I'll let you know how it went love.

Love you sweety pie.

Apr 1, 2013

Letter #12: Weird tribals

Hey there sweety pie!

We exited the bus camp and climbed to a park ranger station, which gave us a clear sight to all Zion. It was trully beautiful baby eh eh! After we left that place it was already nightfall and we were attacked by giant critters, a scorpion and two mantises... It was a tough fight honey, Zion has some mean critters!

We needed a place to camp again, because of the night and all the critters. We arrived at the Fishing Lodge, where we went to find walkie-talkies and after we found them we slept in the couches there. When we left the Fishing Lodge water started falling from the skies. Follows-Chalk laughed at my reaction and said it was normal and that Joshua called it "rain". Mojave never "rain"s...

We headed north through the valley to find the medical supplies and the lunchboxes Joshua needed. The medical kit was at a ranger station and it was contaminated. I remembered Rose telling me that she once sterilized a medical tool she had in order to prevent her wounds from infecting, so I gave it a shot. I used a bottle of vodka to sterilize all the contaminated tools. I'm no Doc Mitchell, but I guess I did a reasonable job eh eh! I found me a hat there, too. It's not a good hat, but it's a hat!

After the ranger station we headed to the pre-war General Store, where we found a bunch of those lunchboxes. Then we had to go to Daniel, of the Sorrows tribe. Follows-Chalk led the way, since he knew where it was. When we got there we were greated by a bald woman with a weird, giant glove who seemed scary.

I met Daniel, who felt sorry for my caravan. He didn't seem a tribal, though everyone respected him. I handed him the supplies I got, but he asked me for more help. I didn't mind at all, he and Joshua really wanted to leave Zion and have better lives. He wanted me to scout some roads for White Legs tribals and to retrieve a map. After that Follows-Chalk said good-bye and returned to the Dead Horses' camp. Waking Cloud, the bald woman who greated me, was told to ride along with me. I'm making new friends everywhere eh eh! When Waking Cloud talked to me she said that her shaman, White Bird, wanted to talk to me. I had no idea what a "shaman" was, but I accepted.

White Birds' cave was inside the Sorrows' camp. He was a tribal, like the others, who told me that he would give me "visions of truth" if I brought him sacred roots. I didn't understand nithin', but Waking Cloud led me the way. She appointed me to all the roots and then we went back to her shaman. He prepared a tea with the roots which was awful and my vision blurry like someone spat in my eye with snake oil. Then he told me to go to a cave and retrieve the paw of the Ghost of She. Once again, I did not know where it was, so Waking Cloud lead the way.

On my way out of the camp Joshua appeared. He recited the Bible and his point was that the White Legs couldn't be escaped from and should be dealt with, something the Sorrows did not understand. He said the White Legs butchered all teh New Caanenites that fell behind, even children. But still, I understood Daniel's side. If they ran, everyone could leave and I doubt the White Legs would go through the trouble of following the Sorrows.

Then we found the Ghost of She's lair, me and Waking Cloud. She was a critter like the one I saw with Follows-Chalk when I arrived at Zion, huge with some fur and big claws. She was very tough and took many explosive shots from my grenade launcher to kill her. Waking Cloud had a bad time too, but she got well. I chopped her paw off and then it was time to return to the camp.

When I returned to White Bird he told me a lot of things, but actually none of them made sense to me. He also gave me a glove made out of the Ghost of She's paw. So that's how Waking Cloud got her glove. Now, after all that, it is time for me to rest.

Love you sweety pie!

Mar 26, 2013

Letter #11: Happy Trails

Hey there sweety pie!

I followed what the radio transmition said would be the location. There was a cave and inside the cave there were 5 fellows. I got to know 'em all a bit. The first one I talked to was Ricky, a fellow in a vault suit, but that was lying about being on a vault. Everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. I got a chance to blackmail him and hell did I take advantage. I told him to go. The expedition would be better off without someone who lied with every teeth in his mouth. Other two were just guards who didn't talk much. Then there was Stella who was also a guard but more talkative and friendly. Finally talked to Jed Masterson, the caravan master. He thanked me and Rose for clearing out the Crimson Caravan eh eh! He told me that this expedition was all about saving the Happy Trails Caravan, because without New Canaan they would go bust. But he also told me that the Zion area was filled with tribes and raiders and we ought to be careful.

He told me that they only planned the caravan for one more, even if the Ricky fellow had left... That meant I had to tell Rose to leave for the Lucky 38. She didn't like the idea, but at least she'll be safe. I gave her my hat eh eh... She hugged me after that. Then we looked at each other, with smiles on our faces.

On our long trip, Jed told me what was happenin' in Zion. Turns out one of the people of power in Zion was the Burned Man, once known as Joshua Graham, a former tough-as-nails Legionarie, who Caesar had burned and thrown to the Grand Canyon, after he lost at Hoover Dam.

When we arrived Stella observed that we could not get back the way we came. Well darn. Also, the place was beautiful! I wish you could see it sweety pie!

We were immediatly ambushed by a tribe named White Legs... All those people I came with died... I tried my best to save them...

After shootin' my way out of the ambush I had to cross a bridge that coul very well be the last time it was going to be crossed, for how old it was. Another White Leg tried to shoot me but a tribal - from another tribe - appeared behind him and struck him down. Follows-Chalk was his name. He was affiliated with Joshua Graham and said that he wanted to talk with me. Follows-Chalk showed me around, givin' me directions and tellin' me what was happenin'.

Like the Legion, Joshua had White Legs' heads on spikes, to warn them that the Dead Horses, Joshua's and Follows-Chalk's tribe, were serious about fighting.

I arrived at the Dead Horses' camp. Most tribals were training severely outside a cave which Follows-Chalk said was the Angel Cave, where Joshua Graham was. We went in. The tribals had a hard time speakin' english properly, but they tried.

Joshua was... Not what I expected. He was already expecting a Courier from the Mojave. He showed simpathy for those who died in the ambush. He was very different from the rest of The Legion. He told me that New Canaan was destroyed by the White Legs, leaving whatever hopes I had of completing the Happy Trails' job destroyed. He said that he knew someone that could help me out but he also wanted help. I actually wanted to help. Joshua wanted pre-war instruments that would help him navigate like a compass and walkie-talkies.

Our first place to go was a crash site of a pre-war bus. There we found a broken compass which I was able to fix and we were ready to go. But we were walking for a while now and I wanted to stop and rest my feet. So we are resting next to the bus right now and then we are headed to find the other things Joshua wanted.

Love you sweety pie!

Mar 21, 2013

Letter #10: Change in management

Hey there sweety pie!

Acording to Yes Man, once I'd get rid of Mr. House all his robots would stop functionin'. So before I headed inside the Lucky 38 casino, I talked to Victor one last time. Poor fella didn't even know it would be the last time.

I went up to Mr. House's penthouse and then I looked at him for a while. He was waitin' for me to talk. On my first way into the Penthouse I had noticed a terminal with a slot, with just the size of the Platinum Chip. It was my only chance. I made a run for the terminal and inserted the Chip. A door on the wall opened and I ran past it, without knowing what was inside. There was another terminal to unlock an elevator, I accessed it quickly, getting shot by Mr. House's Securitrons in the process. But then I entered the elevator and went down to the control room, where the real Mr. House was.

He was awful lookin', but still kickin'. It was so hard... Doing what I did... The man had sacrificed everything to go into that corpse-state just to have his plan come to life and, for all I know, it could work. But still, how could I trust him? How could I trust anyone but me? It was so hard sweety pie... So hard...

I did it. It felt even worst that he did not understand that what I was doing wasn't for personal gain or "vanity", as he said.

I made my way back to Yes Man, who was at the Tops' door. I told him I was ready for him to join me at the Lucky 38. He went first as I remembered that I had to recruit talent for The Tops. I accepted the job for someone specifically, but might as well do it well done. One of the people I gave Tommi's card to was a comedian that was trying to put on a show right there on The Tops' street. Only three more to go, one of them being already reserved.

Then I went to the Lucky 38 to see what Yes Man had done with the place. It was so sad entering the place without Victor sayin' "hi". When I got to the Penthouse Yes Man told me he was going to transfer himself to Mr. House's system. Once he got there he figured out what the Platinum Chip was for. So he told me to head into the Lucky 38's basement. There, he showed me a demonstration of what the Chip does. The Securitrons I knew changed the face on the screens to mean troopers and launched missiles and grenade launchers. They also repair automatically now. Yes Man said they increased their efficiency by 263%! That's a lot right?

I exited The Strip and scouted for talent in the Freeside area. At the Atomic Wrangler there was a ghoul comedian that wasn't liking his place at the Wrangler, so I took my shot. He said I had to talk to his boss to terminate the contract. The boss was easy enough to convince. Just like that, I only had two cards left.

Next thing on my list was going to the Legion's Fort, to activate a giant army of upgraded robots, that Yes Man would control at my comman. But something just came up as I exited Freeside. A weird job request by Happy Trails Caravan, who were looking for mercs, prospectors and couriers. But it had something... My instincts... I couldn't really explain. But I had a heck of an urge to do it. So I am headed to the Northern Passage and then we ride to Utah!

Love you sweety pie!

Mar 10, 2013

Letter #9: Unchained

Hey there sweety pie!

So I went and met Mr. House. Victor didn't let Rose through, only I could go in. He directed me to the elevator that took me to the penthouse floor. There I found a... She robot, which I didn't even know that existed, who accepted a snowgloe that I was carrying for 2000 caps! YEE HAA! She also talked very highly of Mr. House, saying he was the best and the smartest ever. I'd see.

In front of me stood no man. A giant monitor with a face in it was talking to me. I asked him why was he treatin' me like some fancy VIP fellow, if I was just a courier. He said that I wasn't "just a courier", not since Victor dug me out. So I asked what he wanted with me. He said he wanted the Platinum Chip that Benny had stolen, sayin' I could do whatever I wanted with Benny himself. Offered me 1000 caps for the job. I was just in it for Benny, so didn't hurt to make caps in the proccess! He told me to talk to Swank, one of the Chairmen (Benny's tribe), because he could help me, if I conviced him.

Eh eh, Mr. House gave me the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite! That's livin' in style! I'll send Rose there when I have to do things alone. Darn better than that Mojave NCR Outpost!

I went in The Tops, Benny's casino. I found Swank and talked to him about Benny. I told him everything and he told me he'd keep Benny away from his suite while I investigated. Before heading to Benny's suite I passed by the casino's theatre, The Aces. Y'know, 'cause I owe some fellow with a guitar? So when I'm wanderin' I'll be lookin' out for talent.

I went in Benny's suite and found something... Big. Very big. A robot, like the ones Mr. House controlls, who called himself Yes Man and said he was reprogrammed by Benny to follow every command. He had a cheery face and voice. When I asked why Benny was doing that, Yes Man said it all to me: he wanted to kill Mr. House and take over New Vegas.

There I started thinking... What if I had New Vegas? Remember what I had told you? "I'll do whatever it takes to change this Wasteland we live in. To set it free. Free from everyone who wants to rule it and ends up ruining it." This was my ticket. Yes Man was my ticket.

He said he was the robot that set up the courier that carried the Platinum Chip. The pride in his voice made me doubt whether I could or could not work with him. But when I told him who I was he "felt bad" for saying it with so much pride. I didn't know robots could "fell bad".

The plan was to recover the Platinum Chip, give it to Mr. House in order for him to think I am helping him, seeing what it did, then kill him. Also, I had to go around the Mojave and see which groups I wanted to spare or let live. Those groups were the Chairmen, the Omertas, the White Glove Society, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Boomers and the Great Khans.

After clearing things with Yes Man I headed back down to the Tops main floor, where I confronted Benny. He was very surprised to see me, as you can imagine eh eh! I told him I talked with Yes Man. Then he tried to buy me. Said he'd give me the Presidential Suite and he'd meet me there. But I am not that dumb. I told him that he had to loose the bodyguards and to go with me to the suite.

I already had it all figured out with Yes Man, so me and Benny had nothing to talk about. He still tired to do business though.

"All I want is to see you dead"

It was over.

I got the Platinum Chip and his gun. The gun wasn't really my style, but I kept it as a trophy.

I talked to Swank before heading out the casino, he was happy to know that he was the boss now. When I exited the casino, a Legionarie came talkin' to me and gave me "mark of Caesar", which supposely granted me passage to their Fort. He told me to go to Cottonwood Cove and from there I'd get a ride to the Fort.

Next step, I'm going to kill Mr. House. I'm not going to give him the Platinum Chip, I assume it is a key to wherever it is the place he is hiding, so I'll use it right when I go "meet him". I don't really want to do it, but unfortunatly I am the only one I could trust to free New Vegas.

Love you sweety pie

Mar 5, 2013

Letter #8: The Tale of Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Hey sweety pie!

As you know we were almost enterin' Crimson Caravans to get Rose her revenge. I went to the old lady McLafferty with Rose and told her that I had sold the Cassidy's Caravan. She gave me my job money. Then I told her that my companion was the previous owner of Cassidy's Caravan, Cassidy herself. She didn't get it at first, but then she got it. And that fear expression was the last she ever made. I pulled my shotgun real quick and shot her in the head. Rose took care of her guards almost by herself, leaving her in a bad shape. But she recovered and told me that next were the Van Graffs. I asked if she was sure and she said that she was damn sure. Well, that's all I needed to hear.

For my surprise, the rest of the folk in the Crimson Caravan area didn't try to shoot me. Maybe they knew better. I am sorry for what I am becoming sweety pie, the Wasteland does this to people. Mostly when I am driven by revenge. I know, I know, I could let it all go. Probably fancy pants himself doesn't even know I'm alive. But I couldn't live with it woman. The man shot me, in the head. For a Platinum Chip. I'll do whatever it takes to change this Wasteland we live in. To set it free. Free from everyone who wants to rule it and ends up ruining it.

When we got to Freeside it was a first to me. I had never been there. I didn't like what I saw. Bodyguards were needed to go from one end to another, kids were chasing giant rats to have something to eat... It was kind of depressing.

When we got near the Silver Rush - Van Graffs' store -, Rose told me she had an idea. She told me to get a job in the Silver Rush as a door guard and to trust her. And so I did.

When I got in the store I could see they were bad folk. They had a couple of fellows doing business with them and when things didn't go as expected they just vaporized one of them with those woopi yeepi weapons of theirs. I got the job as Rose asked. When I got outside their current bodyguard filled me in on the job. On the other side of the street was Rose. She winked at me.

One, two, three costumers passed by and I did the job as instructed. As the fourth costumer came near us, Rose did all kinds of hand and face signs she could. She was trying to tell me not to pat down this one guy. And so I didn't. As he went in I got picked on by the other bodyguard as I was supposed to pat the man down. Then all of a sudden a big explosion happens from the inside of the store! Somehow Rose had a guy blow himself up to kill everyone inside! We went in to confirm the kill and the other bodyguard, Simon, was really pissed. We just had to kill that one guy, instead of the whole bunch.

Rose was showing a bit sad at first, but then she got her spirits up. She said that she felt purified after dealing with those loose ends. And then she thanked me. She really meant it, I could tell. I asked her if she would still come with me and she said she would, without hesitating. I stole a suit from the Silver Rush store, since I was nearing The Strip. They wouldn't be needing it anymore eh eh! I also stole some loot to sell elsewhere, since I was only a few caps away of being allowed on The Strip.

I went in The Atomic Wrangler to sell the loot I had gotten. I stayed there for a bit, too. I talked to Rose for a good while and it felt nice. The company, the talking... We talked about Benny, because she asked why was I wandering the Wastes, heading to The Strip. She showed very supportive on my own ride for revenge, eh eh! You probably don't like her now eh eh! We also talked about her. She told me about her runnaway dad, like the Lonesome Drifter and her tribal mom, who got sick after her dad went away and ended up passing away... Also talked about her nickname, Whiskey Rose, which I don't have to tell you why she got it eh eh! We talked about "fish" too. She couldn't really explain to me what a "fish" was, so I don't really know now. We talked about the New Vegas factions too. Like the Legion, which she hated because of the slavery and women discrimination and the NCR, who she supported but said they didn't have direction and were most of the times assholes. She said that the Mojave suffered because of NCR's greed. And I couldn't agree more.

The greeting to The Strip wasn't very warm. When I was about t get in some fellow passed by me runnin' and got shot down by the robots - who looked like Victor - who were guardin' the gate. So I put on my fancy suit and headed to the guard (without runnin'). I submitted to the 2000 caps credit check and he let me through.

Waiting for me just inside was Victor, eh eh! He told me the head of New Vegas, Mr. House, was waiting for me inside the Lucky 38. I had only heard tales of that Mr. House character and from them I gathered that he was older than anyone and no one had ever seen him.

And so I'm wrinttin' this before I go see the big man eh eh! I'll tell you all about it, don't worry!

Love you sweety pie.