Feb 21, 2013

Letter #6: Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Hey sweety pie!

I took the same road I had taken to come to New Vegas to go back to the Mojave Outpost, since I remembered Goodsprings' folk advice on avoiding the area full of them bad critters. I started the trip at night. The Mojave feels so alone at night... I missed you more than ever, ridin' the road with no one to talk to, to laugh with...

When I passed through my friend, The Lonesome Drifter, he was asleep. I stood there for a while, but then headed on my way. That didn't count as my come back!

I spent the rest of the night in a gang's camp, who tried to attack me. It wasn't my most confortable night, but  it did the trick! When passin' the ranger NCR station near Novac I saw some Legionaries roundin' it. They was plannin' somethin', I just knew it. But I had to keep goin'.

I got my strength back once I could see the two statues of the Outpost on the horizon. I walked faster, fightin' all the pain o' my legs. I even went through the desert of Ivanpah Racetrack, fighting the sandy winds. Fought through a couple of giant ants but hey, I'm a tough son of a bitch!

I arrived at the Outpost and went immediately to the bar where I had found Cassidy the last time. She recognized me and that made it easier for me to talk to her again. I came to her to talk about selling her caravan company to the Crimson Caravan, but she wouldn't want to, since it was her own name she would be selling. She said also that her caravan were burnt to ash, but still wouldn't sell it. I told her that she didn't want to be trapped in that Outpost and she knew it. She agreed, as long as I'd talk to Ranger Jackson and do what he asked me to to let go of the caravan.

Ranger Jackson asked me to kill the giant ants that were blocking the road, preventing caravaneers to go through. I did that, easy enough. Then Ranger Jackson told me Cass was free to go and I went talk to her. I actually wanted her to come with me, not only get her caravan for Crimson Caravan. I asked her just that. She said that it would beat being in that bar all the time.

She asked me for a favor as soon as we got out of the Outpost. She wanted to pay the respects for her caravan, which was hit and she could do nothing about. I wanted to help the girl, so we went on a ride.

And suddenly, the Mojave wasn't so alone anymore.

Love you, sweety pie!

Feb 18, 2013

Letter #5: A HAT!

Hey there sweety pie!

I rode to Boulder City as I said I would. I met this nice fellow on the roadside who had a mighty fine guitar. I told him just that and we just started talkin' for a long time. He was really friendly, but had a sad story, 'cause daddy left him. He asked me if I knew somewhere I could find a job for him, as a musician. I told him I didn't know about anything. I slept in his camp and then left before he woke up. But I promised myself I'd be back.

Arrivin' at Boulder City I noticed the town was under NCR's control. I didn't really liked them fellows but I wouldn't avoid it just because of them! One of them approached me and said they were having a Great Khan complication. I offered to help, since I had to talk to them anyways.

The Great Khan's group leader was pretty surprised when he saw me... I guess I'd be too, if I shot someone in the head and they'd come back from the grave eh eh! He said that that no good fellow Benny had stole him that Platinum Chip they took from me. I told him that if he let the hostages he made from the NCR free I'd have the NCR escort them out. Then he gave me Benny's lighter.

When I exited, the NCR soldier that talked to me in the first place told me that he got orders to shoot down the Great Khans. I told him I had amde a deal and still he said "orders are orders"... I told him that if he had any integrity, he would let them go and not shoot them down like dogs.

On my way out Boulder City I found Victor, my favorite tin can! Yee-haa! He said he'd buy me the first round when I got to New Vegas eh eh!

I had been walking for a bit and before I knew it New Vegas was right there! I could see all the casinos, so close to me! I was runnin' low on caps so before I entered Freeside, which led to The Strip, I went in Crimson Caravan, the place that fellow Ringo I saved back in Goodsprings had told he'd be. And that lil' girl at the Mojave Outpost, too, talked to me about this place.

YES YES YES, OH MY LORD YES! Some nice fellow at the Crimson Caravan had a hat for me! Oh my goodness, I look fine!

The old lady that runs the Crimson Caravan said she had a job for me as a runner, so I took it. I had to go to Camp McCarran deliver an invoice to their doctor. I did it as fast as I could, since I didn't wanna spend much time workin'. When I got back the old lady was pleased for my work and told me that there were two more things she needed done. One of them involved going back to the Mojave Outpost to talk to that girl I had met, Cassidy. I had to do it, I felt bad for the poor lost soul and had to help her.

So yeah, it's gonna be a loooong ride, goin' all the way back to the Outpost. But I'm used to it.

Love you sweety pie!

Feb 17, 2013

Letter #4: Ghouls!

Hello sweety pie!

Remember I's lookin' for my attackers right? A nice man in Novac told me that town's sniper might know something about them! And to top that, that fine man sold me a gun that he called That Gun and it's really my style eh eh!

Manny, the sniper, knew the fellow of the checkered coat, but he wasn't gonna tell me 'til I did him a favor. He told me somethin' about some ghouls cutting the town's junk supply and the town becoming a ghost town if I didn't get rid of them. Since I didn't have any choice, I said I'd do it!

I had to go REPCONN Facility. It was filled with feral ghouls from the start, those skinny scary ones! When I got inside a scary voice talked to me over the intercom machine and told me to go to the big room at the east of the building. I was alone in a building full of scary ghouls, so I just did it! When I got there I found that the fellow that talked to me was a human part of a ghoul group (civilized ghouls, don't worry eh eh!) led by one glowing ghoul named Jason Bright! This fellow wanted to lead his group on a journey to go to paradise, from what I understood! But then he told me that "demons" interrupted their journey and he asked me to go to the basement to get rid of them! YEE HAA, sounded exciting!!

I miss my hat...

I snuck up through the basement and found one of the "demons". He was a big monster, but didn't attack me in sight. He was talking to himself, like having an argument, then he decided to ask me what did I want. He said his friends, the other "demons", were not "right in the head like him" (not that he had all the bolts in their place!) and would attack me on sight... Then he told me that they were there because there was supposed to be a stealth boy shipment in a room, but the problem was that that room was being guarded by a "though ghoul"... I was begining to get confused!

I entered the room and the ghoul was up high with his gun pointed to the door. He didn't shoot me as he saw I wasn't one of the demons, lucky me! I talked to him and he seemed nice. When we stopped talkin' I assumed we was all right. But when I got further in the room to explore to find those stealthboys the damned fool started shooting at me! I didn't like killing that fellow one bit...

When I found the shipment notes they said that there were no stealthboys there, making all that misfit a whole big nonsense!

I went back to the monster and told him that the stealth boys weren't there. First he didn't believe me but then he started arguing with himself again and he told me he would leave. Then I had to go back to the ghoul group and so I did. When I told him he and his folk started runnin' like crazy to the launch pad. Once I got there Jason told me that they needed my help one last time. He told me to speak to Chris, the human, and then he thanked me for everything. Then Chris told me where I could find the trinkets he needed and I went off and searched. I found the rocket fuel in a dead boy's body and some controllers or thrusters or what it was I had to buy them from an old lady that had a junkyard... I'm pretty poor because of that right now... Then I had to go launch the rockets myself... I tell you sweety pie, I was getting tired of it! But I had to do, so that fellow Manny could tell me where to go... So I went all the way up again and launched the rockets! It was an hell of a show I tell ya!

I went back to Novac to talk to the fellow Manny. He said that the fellow that attacked me was named Benny and was headed to Boulder City. That's where I'm going now then!

Love you seety pie!

Feb 12, 2013

Letter #3: The Legion...

Hey sweety pie!

Let me tell you honey, I really don't like walkin' around the Mojave at night. But after exiting Primm, I had nowhere to sleep in! I did the same road I had already done to go to the Outpost, except I was headed to Nipton. On the way, there was a bandit camp. I fought the bandits, but I barely made it. I love you sweety pie, you know that right?...

I slept in that camp and then made my way to Nipton. It was all full of smoke and fire, like Hell itself passed through town! At the entrance, a nice Powder Ganger came runnin' all jolly of his life, tellin' me had won the lottery, the "only lottery that matters"... Well, I didn't know what the fellow was talkin' about, but I was soon to find out, because I found another Powder Ganger, this one had his legs smashed up, that told me that the lottery was a game that The Legion had put the poor folk of Nipton through. The first place walked away, free, the second got his leg smashed, that was the guy I was talkin' to and third places got enslaved. The rest of them... Oh darlin'...

When I advanced through town I found them... The Legion. It was horrible: heads on spikes, live people crucified... When that cold, cold man came talkin' to me, I froze. Heck honey, fear was spreaded through his words. I told him his crimes were unforgivable and he told me that if I felt that way, I should attack them, but I just stood there, as they left... I had to do something, I had to save those poor slaves that the Powder Ganger told me about! In time... But The Legion will pay!

Those crucified people... I will never forget how I had to put them out of their misery...

I was ambushed on a valley by another gang of bandits, but I fought them off easily enough! I passed through a NCR Ranger Outpost on my way to Novac. How could they just stand by as Nipton was destroyed...

I finally arrived to Novac. I can't get my head off The Legion and those slaves...

Eh eh, Victor's here! Nice to see a friendly face through all the pain and despair I witnessed just this day!

Feb 10, 2013

Letter #2: MY HAT!!!

Hey sweety pie!

I wish you could enjoy this Radia New Vegas sweety! This Mr. New Vegas sure is something!

Oooo-eee! I spent the night for the first time on a strange place! It was a wrecked RV with a couple of beds on it, so I took advantage of the find and slept on it! Don't worry, I am ok eh eh! When I woke up a poor fellow asked me to help get his sweety rescued from a top of a ridge from some vicious gecko critters! You know me honey, I can't refuse to help, no no! I killed the critters and there was no girl on a top of the ridge! The fellow had fooled me, an' I fell for it like a dum' rabbit walkin' on to a coyote's jaws! I am sorry to say to you darlin' that I blew the son's head off with my shotgun, yes I did...

On my ways to Primm I found Victor, while battling some geckos. He said that he felt responsible for me! Ain't that sweet comin' from a robot! At Primm's entrance a NCR folk came runnin' and warned me about the dangers of wanderin' into Primm, because of the escaped convicts. Well I asked him why wouldn't they take care of them and they said it was not their juristiction or jurisdiction or whatever the hell you spell that! Well I call bullshit, they should be protectin' the poor folk in town! That NCR is just too damn burocratic!

I went in the Mojave Express building, where I used to work, just to find an empty building... Well at least the owners ain't dead! So I went lookin' for 'em in the town's casino and damn right I was! There he was, Johnson Nash, owner of the Mojave Express. He said that the job I was given (and killed over) was very strange. From what I gathered, Victor, the robot, hired the couriers and also said that Courier 5 cancelled the job as soon as he saw my name next on the list! Nash thinks we must have an history, but heck I have no idea who he might be! As for my attackers, he said that the town's deputy, Deputy Beagle, should know something, except he was captured by them convicts... Seemed like I'd have to go and get myself shot eh eh! Don't worry sweety pie, you won't get this letter if I am shot eh eh!

Damned convicts ripped apart my cowboy threads!! I made them pay for that, yes I did! It's not the same without my hat! I found the Deputy soon enough and set him free, but had to resort to threatenin' the sir so that he wouldn't flee!

We cleared the rest of the buidling and headed back to the casino. When we got there he told me he couldn't be sheriff because he wasn't brave enough and wanted me to go get myself in danger to get him a new sheriff... Well damn! He said that there was someone at the NCR Correctional Facility that could gte the job done... Damn, I didn't want nothin' to do with those Powder Gangers, they already hated me enough... But I couldn't leave the town of Primm in jeopardy, no no!

I slept in a camp near the Facility, so I could storm it in the morning.

I got a revolver from the door guard! It kind of compensates for the loss of the hat eh eh! I talked to Meyers, the fellow that Beagle indicated me to be their sheriff. He told he would do it if he got pardoned by the NCR. So I went and saw what could I do! Too bad the Mojave Outpost was so far away... But hey, I had a commitment, so I had to do it! I recognized the Outpost from distance by the statue of two gentlemen shakin' hands. I went aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way there and talked to the commander, who gave Meyers the pardon. Before leaving I went to the Outpost bar, to get myself relaxed for the trip back. I met this troubled girl, young enough to be our daughter, who was drinkin' to forget all her problems. I felt sorry for her I did.

So I made aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to Primm to talk to Meyers and tell him that his pardon was taken  care off. He was happy eh eh. Then I went to talk to Beagle about my atackers and he told me a group of Great Khans and the man in a checkered suit headed to Novac through Nipton... That's where I's headed then, YEEE-HAA!

Love you sweety pie!

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Feb 6, 2013

Out of character

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Letter 1: Hey sweety pie!

Hey sweety pie!

You wouldn't belieeeeve what happened to me woman!

I is doin' ma job, ight? The one I got has a Courier and been usin' to get you some money? I get this big Platinum Poker Chip and a helluva payment! I is all like "YEE HAA"! But turns out the damn chip is covetted by others! Now hear what I says... I got shot in the head over it! Hell! A fancy pants lad with a checkered suit shot me, that's all I remember! But turns out I's pretty much alive, or I wouldn't be writin' this letter, huh-huh!

A Doctor, Mitchel his name, patched me up real good! Doc gave me all my trinkets back and sewed my head back to make me look like the chocolate brownie you love eh eh! He had me do some Vigor testing and a psichological test too. The results were nice, I guess! Said I had 4 for strength, 8 for perception, 5 for endurance, 7 for charisma, 4 for intelligence, 5 for agility and 7 for luck. Guess I's pretty lucky, yes indeed! Said my faculties was Guns, Explosives and Speech! Guess he found out my work on the mines and even how I conquered you sweety pie, eh eh!

Doc said some metal fella pulled me out, name was Victor. He was a weird, big robot, with a screen in the middle, and the image of a cowboy on the screen! He was so nice eh eh! I followed him to the place were he'd dug me up, to search for clues about them rascals who tried to kill me, pretty nice walk with the metal fella. Next to my grave we found some fancy cigarette butts who had to belong to that fancy pants who shot me! Guess I's doin' a sheriff work now, lookin' for evidence an' all, you best be proud sweety pie, eh eh!

Then I went back to Goodsrpings, the town of the fellow Doc who helped me get back on my feet and went to the saloon, to meet young Sunny Smiles, who the Doc'd said would help me getting back my gun skills! I thought, hell why not!

We hunted down some critters by the town's wells, geckos they were. It was sad, a town gal was jumped by three of them and I was too late to help her... May her rest in peace!

When I got back to the Saloon to meet Trudy, the "town mother", to thank for the hospitality, there was a rude fella shouting at her. When he left runnin' I asked her 'bout it and she says the fella's name is Joe Cobb and belongs to a gang called the Powder Gangster or Gangers or whatnot! Bunch of bullies tryin' to find Ringo, a fella holed up in Goodsrpings, hidin' from the Powder Gangers. Well I decided to help the poor soul! She also told me to head to Primm, where I got the Courier job, 'cause that's where the rascals that shot me were headed.

I went an' talked to Ringo, poor boy, very scared and offered to help. He told me to ask Sunny for help too and she told me to round up folk from town. I managed to get Trudy to gather some more folk, get Easy Pete to lend me some sticks o' dinamyte, get some supplies from Doc Mitchel and finnaly some equipment from Chet, the local store owner. We was all ready fer them Powder Gangers!

Once I talked to Ringo and said I was ready that gal Sunny came burstin' in and told us that the Powder Gangers were kickin' on our door!

YEE HAAA! Honey I know you don't like me getting all pumped up from the killin' of the old days, but that was an heck of a fight! I pulled out my Sturdy shotgun and blew Cobb's head RIGHT off! Sorry honey, I won't get excited no more...

Well I end this letter makin' my way to Primm, to find out where the fancy folk went!

Hope everythin' is alright there in the sunny California!

PS: My new hat: