Apr 4, 2013

Letter #13: My Zion stay is coming to an end

Hey there sweety pie!

As I told you, Daniel asked me to do lots of things. I decided to go first trap the Yao Guai in their caves, because I had been with the critters and heeeell are they tough! When I exited the White Bird's cave it was raining. It was beautiful at first, but it gets me soaked wet and I don' like it no more.

On our way to the critters' cave we were attack by helluvah lot of those White Legs folk. In one of the encounters, a mysterious man appeared, a stranger, saving my life while Waking Cloud was busy and I was reloading. Thank you, whoever you are!

When we approached the Yao Guais' location, Waking Cloud talked to me because she was scared. She had reasons to, Yao Guai were indeed very tough. I told her I planned on blowin' up rocks to block the entrance of the critters' cave, trappin' them inside. We snuck inside the cave and planted the mines in three locations. Then we went back outside and DUCK AN' COVER eh eh!

The blast made everything shake like crazy!

After that we decided to go find the map that Daniel asked me, the Great Stairway map. Waking Cloud led me west to go find it. The White Legs attack were becoming more and more frequent, they were starting to scare me. The place Waking Cloud took me was called Mourning Glory Cave. It was guarded by two Yao Guai, so I was afraid for what could be inside.

Waking Cloud did not thing we would go inside, because once we entered she became very worried. She told me we should not be there, because the place belonged to the "Father of the Cave". I didn' know who that Pa was, but I had to do what Daniel asked me! She said that he was the God of the New Canaanites. I continued to do what I had and Waking Cloud followed me. Well, apparently it wasn't so important, was it?!

At the end of the cave I found a sleep roll, a duffle bag and a terminal. I went through the duffle bag and found one of those holotapes that I can connect to my pip-boy, which was the map Daniel wanted. Then I looked at the terminal. From what I understood, it was a diary of a Great War survivor... Darn intense, sweety pie..!

We left the camp and next on the list was dealin' with some White Legs' traps. Short walk, everything in Zion's close-by! On my way there, as we tried to sneak with the help of rain and the night, a giant radscorpion appeared from behind us. Luckily, a huge dog was nearby and decided to help us. I pet him, but he didn't stay with us for long though. Then we got at the place. I was able to disarm one of the traps, but then we were spotted and I had no choice to kill all those White Legs who were layin' down those traps.

Then for the last assignment, dealing with the White Legs camp. Daniel said to deal with them, but probably meant to kill them all. I would think of something else, if possible. When we approached, Waking Cloud told me that if we stole a war totem that the White Legs placed in their camp they'd lose the will to fight. Hot damn, these tribals are heck of a supersticious! We stole that war totem from the first camp we went to and then headed to the second camp. The second camp was harder though, because it was surrounded by mountain, only had one entrance. So we had to shoot to kill.

We made our way to the Narrows as fast as we could, because the White Legs were furious after that attack. We even swam through the river, to be quicker. I lost my hat on it, we didn't even have time to go back for it.

When we arrived, Daniel was sitting with Joshua at the Sorrows' camp. I spoke with Daniel and told him I got everything. He told me knew Joshua's intentions of killing all the White Legs, but he still wanted to leave Zion, having nothing to do with the White Legs, living both tribes at peace. I was forced to make a decision. Of course, I remembered what I wanted to do for the people of the Mojave. Liberate everyone so that all could live at peace, the way they wanted. I had to tell Daniel I was with him. If there is a shot at peace, I will be quicker than my own shadow in unholsterin' my weapon an' takin' the darned shot.

Now we rested for the night and while we did Daniel exited with other Sorrows small groups. Me and Joshua are in charge of taking the remaining groups off of Zion. I'll let you know how it went love.

Love you sweety pie.

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