Apr 14, 2013

Letter #15: Raul The Ghoul!

Hey there sweety pie!

I made my way south to find the Brotherhood of Steel. I also had to go see an old friend regardin' the talent search at the Tops. I decided to first go to the Brotherhood of Steel and then, on my way back North, I'd pass by my friend.

I picked up a weird radio signal approaching the site Yes Man told me to go. It was a normal radio station, but hosted by a Super Mutant! At least it seemed like one! Black Mountain radio... Perhaps I'll go look for the host eh eh!

I got to the top of the mountain without being seen and, knowin' Super Mutants, I tried my best to stay that way. Then I found a building with a radio. I accidently pressed a button and stopped the Super Mutant's radio broadcast and they started talking directly to me. So I did the first thing that came to mind, played Super Mutant. Then loud noises came from everywhere outside the building I was in, shots firin' and Mutants screamin'... They were fightin' each other!

After all the comotion passed I snuck my way to the top of the top of the mountain, where the host would be. Only by then I realised how stupid my idea was! The top had three buildings, one was a storage room, the other was a prison and the other one I didn't get to know what it was. On the prison there was a terminal with one of the prisoner's entries and a locked door. On one of the entries there was the password that unlocked the door. Inside there was a ghoul in a jumpsuit. He said his name was Raul Alfonso Tejada. He had an hispanic accent and was kind of funny. Raul the Ghoul, eh eh! When I told him to enjoy his freedom he sounded like he didn't want to head onto the wastes by himself. So what the hell, we now travel together, eh eh!

When Raul accepted to come with me, the Super Mutant radio host, who had heard our conversation, yelled that I could not take it's Raul. So I knew to expect a fight once I exited the building. And what would you know, Raul the Ghoul was pretty quick on his hand in a gun fight eh eh! And besides that, I found that the Super Mutant host was a hostess! A girl Super Mutant eh eh! Too bad she's dead.

So, together with Raul, we rode to the Brotherhood of Steel! It was very near the Black Mountain, so we had no problem gettin' there. When we got near the place Yes Man told me to go a huge sandstorm rose and we couldn't see very well. It was hard to find anything in that place, it was dark and the sandstorm prevented us from seeing anything. We entered the first door we found, which was hidden in a hill.

Inside there was mostly rubble and a couple o' skeletons. But we had to camp there anyways. I talked with Raul for a long time. I wanted to know more about him. I got to know that he felt useless for being old. I told him that lots of old folk were still kickin' for their communities, being a huge help, but he didn't believe me. So I made myself a promise to find some of those old folks, to show Raul that he didn't need to think like that! We talked a little more about him being from Mexico and how he ended up a prisoner. Then we went to sleep.

When we exited the bunker we were attacked by a Brotherhood patrol, with their giant armor and laser canons, for no reason! We were able to run and hide under a rock, since our weapons wouldn't make a difference against their armor. We hid for 2 hours until we made sure they were gone. I still decided to at least make decent contact with them, even if it was just to try and know why did they attack us!

We entered a bunker similar to the other one. But, once I got by one of the inside doors it closed, leaving Raul locked outside. A Brotherhood guy came talkin' to me and told me to strip all of my weapons, clothes and equipment. If I didn't do it, they'd shoot me down like a dog! They unlocked Raul's path and took us both inside their hidden bunker, to talk to their head man. Once I figured out their motifs I would leave the place and go tell Yes Man what to do. Or so I hoped.

I talked to their leader - which they called Elder - and he told me to take care of a NCR Ranger that was set up in one of the bunkers. I told him I wasn't interested because I wasn't a murderer for hire, but he didn't care, he said he wasn't giving me options. They put an explosive collar in me, so that if I wandered off the Hidden Valley my head would pop off. Darn sweety, I wasn't likin' these rascals one bit! I put on all my clothes back and headed where they told me to.

I found the bunker that the Ranger was usin' and he wasn't there. So I rigged his radio to blow up the next time he used it. Poor fella. I went back to the HQ bunker to report to the Brotherhood fellows. The Elder admired my strategic way of killing the Ranger and took the explosive collar off. He told me I was free to come and go and that he would like to see me again for more missions. But I had seen enough. I exited their bunker with no intents of coming back. I still had to check the Great Khans, the Boomers and some of The Strip's casinos. But me and Raul were very tired. We made our way to nearby Novac, a friendly town which I liked very much, unlike these Steel folk.

We arrived at Novac and rented a room. Those folk liked me so much that they gave me the rom for free, eh eh! So now we're goin' to have a nice, long and deserved nap.

Love you sweety pie!

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