Apr 1, 2013

Letter #12: Weird tribals

Hey there sweety pie!

We exited the bus camp and climbed to a park ranger station, which gave us a clear sight to all Zion. It was trully beautiful baby eh eh! After we left that place it was already nightfall and we were attacked by giant critters, a scorpion and two mantises... It was a tough fight honey, Zion has some mean critters!

We needed a place to camp again, because of the night and all the critters. We arrived at the Fishing Lodge, where we went to find walkie-talkies and after we found them we slept in the couches there. When we left the Fishing Lodge water started falling from the skies. Follows-Chalk laughed at my reaction and said it was normal and that Joshua called it "rain". Mojave never "rain"s...

We headed north through the valley to find the medical supplies and the lunchboxes Joshua needed. The medical kit was at a ranger station and it was contaminated. I remembered Rose telling me that she once sterilized a medical tool she had in order to prevent her wounds from infecting, so I gave it a shot. I used a bottle of vodka to sterilize all the contaminated tools. I'm no Doc Mitchell, but I guess I did a reasonable job eh eh! I found me a hat there, too. It's not a good hat, but it's a hat!

After the ranger station we headed to the pre-war General Store, where we found a bunch of those lunchboxes. Then we had to go to Daniel, of the Sorrows tribe. Follows-Chalk led the way, since he knew where it was. When we got there we were greated by a bald woman with a weird, giant glove who seemed scary.

I met Daniel, who felt sorry for my caravan. He didn't seem a tribal, though everyone respected him. I handed him the supplies I got, but he asked me for more help. I didn't mind at all, he and Joshua really wanted to leave Zion and have better lives. He wanted me to scout some roads for White Legs tribals and to retrieve a map. After that Follows-Chalk said good-bye and returned to the Dead Horses' camp. Waking Cloud, the bald woman who greated me, was told to ride along with me. I'm making new friends everywhere eh eh! When Waking Cloud talked to me she said that her shaman, White Bird, wanted to talk to me. I had no idea what a "shaman" was, but I accepted.

White Birds' cave was inside the Sorrows' camp. He was a tribal, like the others, who told me that he would give me "visions of truth" if I brought him sacred roots. I didn't understand nithin', but Waking Cloud led me the way. She appointed me to all the roots and then we went back to her shaman. He prepared a tea with the roots which was awful and my vision blurry like someone spat in my eye with snake oil. Then he told me to go to a cave and retrieve the paw of the Ghost of She. Once again, I did not know where it was, so Waking Cloud lead the way.

On my way out of the camp Joshua appeared. He recited the Bible and his point was that the White Legs couldn't be escaped from and should be dealt with, something the Sorrows did not understand. He said the White Legs butchered all teh New Caanenites that fell behind, even children. But still, I understood Daniel's side. If they ran, everyone could leave and I doubt the White Legs would go through the trouble of following the Sorrows.

Then we found the Ghost of She's lair, me and Waking Cloud. She was a critter like the one I saw with Follows-Chalk when I arrived at Zion, huge with some fur and big claws. She was very tough and took many explosive shots from my grenade launcher to kill her. Waking Cloud had a bad time too, but she got well. I chopped her paw off and then it was time to return to the camp.

When I returned to White Bird he told me a lot of things, but actually none of them made sense to me. He also gave me a glove made out of the Ghost of She's paw. So that's how Waking Cloud got her glove. Now, after all that, it is time for me to rest.

Love you sweety pie!

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