Apr 9, 2013

Letter #14: Never a hat had so much meaning

Hey there sweety pie!

I left the Narrows with Joshua, to carry on Daniel's plan. We were headed to Pine Creek. We were supposed to ride straight to freedom, but we had been told that the White Legs were causin' trouble. They were desecratin' some Sorrows' folk graves, holding some of them prisioners elsewhere and holding a bridge that was a vital stand. Now I know I'm to be damned for this, but the prisioners of war were too much of a detour and the more time we took, the longer we would put every other tribal in danger so... We left them behind.

Near the graves being desecrated were some Sorrows that wanted to join the fight. I told them to go, no more casualties were needed. Then I advanced with Joshua and shot the White Legs dead.

Afterwards it was the bridge. We decided that I'd lure them out of the beach and that Joshua would stay behind, to fire from above. But these tribals were stronger. Not only that, smarter too. They pushed me the other way, making me deal with them all by myself, which wasn't easy at all. After they were dead I tried to follow a water stream, in order to keep myself hidden from more White Legs, but the patch lead to a huge rock we could not climb. By that time it was already morning.

It wasn't really my style, but after shootin' down yet another party of those White Legs I picked up one of their machine guns. It wasn't really my style, but I had to catch what I can to get them tribals, who were gettin' more and more vicious.

We found our way to the Pine Creek, Joshua Graham warned me that Salt-Upon-Wounds would be guarding the place. I had only heard about "Salt-Upon-Wounds" in mumblings by Waking Cloud and Follows-Chalk, I didn't really know who he was. Joshua told me he was the White Legs' leader. A great warrior.

When we approached he came running towards me, saying he'd kill me. Truth is, he was heavily outnumbered. I put both my hands in the air and yelled at him to wait. He stopped and listened to me. I told him, as calmly as I could, that his power was broken and that there was no hope for him to prevail. There was still time for him to leave the place peacefully. He ended up telling me that they'd leave but would return. By then, Daniel's plan would already be fulfilled.

I talked to Daniel, which was at the entrance of the tunnel waiting for me. I told him to go, but he noticed some Sorrows were missing. I told him I was sorry but he wouldn't forgive me, he was so angry... Still, he gave me the detonator and I was to blow up the tunnel entrance as soon as they entered, so that the White Legs could not follow them. And that... Sealed my envolvement with Zion. Before I headed back to the Mojave, there was a package waiting for me. It had Daniel's hat. I smiled and a tear almost came out.

I never saw them again, during my journey back to the Mojave.

Little or no sun was there to welcome me back. I wasn't in a sunny mood either. I know it ended up being the right choice, but I couldn't stop thinkin' about those Sorrows that I had left behind.

Well, back to my Mojave business! I'm now resting for a while and thinkin' about what's next. I was thinking of leavin' Cass to the luxury of Vegas for a while longer. I think I'm heading to where Yes Man told me the Brotherhood of Steel was. Yes. I also had to go to The Legion's headquarters, because Yes Man told me there was an army of robots for me there. I'd go there later.

Love you sweety pie!

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