Feb 21, 2013

Letter #6: Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Hey sweety pie!

I took the same road I had taken to come to New Vegas to go back to the Mojave Outpost, since I remembered Goodsprings' folk advice on avoiding the area full of them bad critters. I started the trip at night. The Mojave feels so alone at night... I missed you more than ever, ridin' the road with no one to talk to, to laugh with...

When I passed through my friend, The Lonesome Drifter, he was asleep. I stood there for a while, but then headed on my way. That didn't count as my come back!

I spent the rest of the night in a gang's camp, who tried to attack me. It wasn't my most confortable night, but  it did the trick! When passin' the ranger NCR station near Novac I saw some Legionaries roundin' it. They was plannin' somethin', I just knew it. But I had to keep goin'.

I got my strength back once I could see the two statues of the Outpost on the horizon. I walked faster, fightin' all the pain o' my legs. I even went through the desert of Ivanpah Racetrack, fighting the sandy winds. Fought through a couple of giant ants but hey, I'm a tough son of a bitch!

I arrived at the Outpost and went immediately to the bar where I had found Cassidy the last time. She recognized me and that made it easier for me to talk to her again. I came to her to talk about selling her caravan company to the Crimson Caravan, but she wouldn't want to, since it was her own name she would be selling. She said also that her caravan were burnt to ash, but still wouldn't sell it. I told her that she didn't want to be trapped in that Outpost and she knew it. She agreed, as long as I'd talk to Ranger Jackson and do what he asked me to to let go of the caravan.

Ranger Jackson asked me to kill the giant ants that were blocking the road, preventing caravaneers to go through. I did that, easy enough. Then Ranger Jackson told me Cass was free to go and I went talk to her. I actually wanted her to come with me, not only get her caravan for Crimson Caravan. I asked her just that. She said that it would beat being in that bar all the time.

She asked me for a favor as soon as we got out of the Outpost. She wanted to pay the respects for her caravan, which was hit and she could do nothing about. I wanted to help the girl, so we went on a ride.

And suddenly, the Mojave wasn't so alone anymore.

Love you, sweety pie!

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