May 2, 2013

Letter #17: Keeping promises

Hey there sweety pie!

Now that that gal Melissa was on my side I was ready to return to Red Rock an' tell that the Legion was bad to all those other folk that I had to convince.

Aw Hell, as soon as we stepped out of the camp one of them deathclaw critters spotted us and came runnin', luckily we could keep it of our backs. Sheesh, those are some tough critters sweety pie!

I arrived at the Red Rock an' I knew the next order of business was to talk to a fellow named Jack and his sweetheart Diane. While I was on my way to the drug lab a Legionarie appeared, telling me that "Karl sent his regards". I only knew Karl was the Legion representative in the Great Khans, but I hadn't done anythin' to be attacked! Honest! Well, poor fellow and his machete had no chance against me and Raul...

We got to Jack and Diane fast enough. Regis had told me that I only had to convince one of them to get them both on my side. So I went for Jack. If he was anythin' like me, he wouldn't want anythin' to happen to his sweetheart. He talked really funny, like he was on some of the stuff he made. I asked him to opose to Caesar's alligiance and he said he wouldn't, because he didn't care who was in charge as long as he had Diane. Ain't that sweet. Problem was, he wouldn't have Diane. Caesar would make her a slave, just like Melissa would be made. And I told him just that. He said a bunch of funny words and then ended up saying he and Diane had my back. I really liked talkin' to this fellow eh eh!

On my way to the longhouse a couple more Legionaries appeared, tellin' me "You don't give up, do you?". Hell, no. And it wouldn't be a couple of fellows in skirts that would keep me away from my goals! All those attacks only made Karl look more suspicious. I went into the longhouse and snuck into his room. I found his journal on a small table. It said that he was sick of being among those "savages" and that he couldn't wait until they did Caesar's bidding so that they could all become slaves. Poor Great Khans folk, bein' played like that... I wouldn't stand for it!

I stood in front of Papa Khan's table for a while. There eating were also Regis and Karl. I looked at Karl as I handed to Papa Khan his journal. It was the last time they ate together. Papa killed the man himself.

Regis was convinced by the journal too. Now I only had to talk to Papa Khan about finally breaking the alliance. He told me he was confused. If he wouldn't stand with Caesar, where would he regain his tribe's greatness? I could see that the fellow really cared about his tribe, his men, women and children. I told him he didn't need to look for others to have his glory back. The Khans were proud and strong. Then I yelled, so that the whole house could hear, that he should claim his own glory! I felt kind of powerful sweety pie eh eh! He liked what he heard and told me that as soon as the battle for Hoover Dam started he would move out of the Mojave with his tribe and conquer other territories. I wished him the best and left Red Rock with a big smile on my face.

Next was to go to Nellis. I made only a slight detour on our ride... Remember my Lonesome Drifter friend right? I told you I promised myself I would get him a good job! I rode to him an' gave him The Tops' business card. He was very surprised to see me. Must've thought I had abandoned him, like his pa... He was very happy sweety pie eh eh!

I had another promise that I had to keep track of. I thought Camp McCarran was a good place to look for an old man who was still useful for his folk. You do know what I'm talkin' about right?

We arrived there at night and were tired. Raul didn't even know why would we walk into a NCR camp like that. I told him we had to sleep and it was safe. He mumbled some complaints and then kept walkin'. So we went to sleep on one of the empty tents. When I woke up I dragged Raul out of his bed and talked to one of the 1st Recon fellows, the old one. Then I started talkin' to him. Corporal Sterling was his name. He said he was once a Ranger, but got captured by The Legion and they tortured him, making his hands useless in a close ranged gunfight. Then the fellow said he crawled out of the place on his elbows and his knees and rolled down to the Colorado river, where he was found by other Rangers by luck. Damn. When we said goodbye I looked at Raul for a while and then started walking towards the exit of the Camp. As we were nearing the exit, Raul touched my shoulder. Asked me if I had a second. Heck, the expression on his face sweety pie... I didn't go to Sterling to make him talk, I was just trying to make him feel useful. But if he wanted to open up to me, I didn't mind that. Not one bit.

First he asked me if I thought that Sterling had done the right thing by continuing his service even after getting tortured and made almost useless. I told him of course, it was great to have such determination. Then he continued his story. He said he had to run with Rafaela. Told her he'd take her to see the "vaqueros", cowboys, in Mexico City. Thing is, Mexico City was annihalated by the Great War and they didn't know that. He said the city had become radioactive ruins, filled with forming raider tribes. Eventually, as they scavanged the town, the radiation started transforming him into a ghoul. Then he said one of his best memories was founding a costume store with an untouched Vaquero (Cowboy!) outfit, eh eh! He said he took it to hide his burns. Said it made her sister Rafaela laugh for the first time since the bombs had fallen. He said the costume created a legend. Which was not good. More people went after them, to prove themselves to friends, to prove they could take on the Vaquero. Then he started to sound sad... I asked him calmly to go on. He said Rafaela went off to find food for herself, because he was sick with the radiation. Sadly, some raiders went scavenging at same time and place that she went. The... The only way he could recognize Rafaela, his own sister... Was from a scar on her knee... I... I couldn't say anything... Terrible couldn't even describe what he had been through... He said he got a little crazy and killed the raiders for revenge. Then he wanted to be alone... Forever... He said he started travelling, thinking about his life. Thought the guns hadn't brought anything to him but disgrace, so he took off the Vaquero suit and put on the Petro-Chico jumpsuit he found on one of their refineries. Then he said he eventually made it to Arizona, but he wouldn't continue. I didn't want to force it, too. He had said so much to me... Raul... A great friend.

We'll be here at the Camp for a while more and then head on to Nellis Airforce Base, to make contact with those Boomers Yes Man told me about.

Love you sweety pie!

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