May 14, 2013

Letter #19: Sick, sick people

Hey there sweety pie!

I exited the Lucky 38 with Raul while Rose was still a-sleepin' and went to the Ultra-Luxe and was greeted by a creepy fellow with a mask, who asked me to give him all my weapons. Very polite. But still, so creepy. Everyone of them wore a mask.

I noticed a man with a cowboy hat that was sittin' on the balcony. You know that if I have to talk to anyone, my first choice is always someone with a cowboy hat eh eh! He didn't even let me talk, though! When I approached him he asked me if I hadn't seen a young man around, It his son that was missin'. His name was Heck Gunderson and his son was Ted. Of course, the old man seemed to be in pain, so I offered my help.

Then I went talk to the leaders. I had to ask them about Ted and about themsleves, in order to know 'em better. I ended up talkin' to a man in a fine top hat. He didn't know nothin' about no one's son and also had an attitude, like his "White Gloves" were better than anyone. Hell, I don't like these people sweety pie!

I talked to the other leader, a woman. I said I was lookin' for someone and she said that she had already talked to an investigator about that and that she was tired of people accusing them of cannibalism just because they once were cannibals. HELL!, I really don't like these people! What if the investigator is right and they are holdin' the boy captive to eat him? God damn, I had to get to the bottom of this! Raul wasn't likin' it too. She pointed me to the previous investigator's room and so I went there. Went I got to the room i found only a dead body. While I was looking at the body something hit me in the head. I fell to the ground and when I looked up Raul was fighting to of them White Gloves. I tried to get up and help with the fight, but I ain't much in a hand to hand fight. Then we heard shots and looked at the door. That same man that helped me in Zion was now in the Mojave helpin' me! He was gone before I could see straight.

So, we had a dead investigator and White Gloves tryin' to kill me for investigatin'. Oh they're goin' down.

The investigator had a note with him that said "Steam Room, 4PM". I guess I'd be there instead of him. It was pretty hot on that damned thing while I expected the someone or something to appear. And someone did appear. It was someone who I had seen earlier, he was a White Glove but the only one who did not wear one of those creepy masks. His name was Chauncey. He said that Mortimer, the fellow with the top hat, was starting to take their group into the old cannibal days and that's why people started missin'. He also told me about Heck Gurdenson. He asn't the man I thought he was, he was crazed, always used brute force, even to drive his Brahmin cattlers' competition away. That was why he was so rich. Still, I couldn't let the White Glove go with these crimes... These... Freaks...

Once we were done talkin' those... An... An assassin sent by those motherfuckers to kill Chauncey. He also tried to kill me, but me and Raul were too much for'im. I'd expose them and end this fa├žade, no matter what!

Chauncey gave me a few ideas to unmask the White Gloves. First I had to become an honorary member, to have full access to all Ultra-Luxe. I spoke to Marjorie and, given my reputation around the Strip, she accepted and gave me the key to the member-only section. Then I had to see it from the inside. I found it easy to sneak around without being seen into the kitchen area. Sure, they saw me enterin', but then I made my way swiftly to the kitchen without anybody seein' me.

Once in the kitchen, I had to drug the wine. I didn't really know how to do it, but I took some advice from a magazine I had on me and I did it. Hoped it would work. Then I had to call the waiter. But heck, the "chef" or whatever they called the fellow wouldn't leave the place where the intercom was! So I told the guy I was a new member, so that he wouldn't go crazy crazy on me and then told him I had seen radroaches on the pantry. Eh eh, wasn't that fun! Once he got there I locked him inside! He won't starve, at least eh eh!

I called the waiter and saw him grab the wine and take it up. That would only keep them occupied while I took Ted out though. It wouldn't expose the White Gloves. But I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't cook, like Chauncey suggested, even though I had the recipe. I'm that bad!

I found Ted. He was alive, in the freezer. Fortunatly. I didn't like'im though, just because he was rich he thought he was better than anyone else. He wanted to tell his father what happened and that would get all White Gloves killed. I told him only Mortimer and his followers were to blame and persuated him to believe me - he was a stubborn kid.

It worked. Ted, Raul and me walked by the Gourmand (the restaurant in which he was s'posed to be served as food...) like no one even noticed us and from there we ran to Heck, his father. He asked me who was responsible and I pointed him to Mortimer. He said he'd cut off Brahmin supply to everyone in The Strip and make them starve. I told him that'd be what they wanted, 'cause everybody would start eatin' each others. And he accepted that.

White Gloves wouldn't forget me anytime soon. They wouldn't be cannibals for sure. As sure as that's that, they won't be a problem. Only one more tribe to know before talkin' to Yes Man!

Bah, the Gomorrah's entrance is filled with strippers or hookers! I don't really like that stuff! I'm so glad to have you eh eh! I'm now ridin' into this pit of sin honey, I'll let you know how it went!

Love you sweety pie!

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