May 20, 2013

Letter #21: A whole lot of killin'...

Hey there sweety pie!

So as you knew, I was goin' to deal with them Omertas. I... I had only one way to deal with them rapists and no good drug dealers, sweety pie.

I shot'em up real good. They didn't diserve their place in the Wasteland. And I was makin' sure of that. Of course, I let all the folk that were there for the gamblin' or lookin' for fun go. I only killed anyone related to the Omertas and their lil' operations.

Of course, the suite level was the hardest. Little space, many thugs. I unlocked the two rooms I couldn't get into the first time I was there. There was nothin' there, though... So I got back to that fellow Clanden's room and shot him up too. He wasn't expecting it, I guess. But I didn't want to think about it. They had to go, all of them.

And that settled my business with the Mojave tribes. I had to go back to Yes Man. No sweety pie, I have no regrets. Those were bad fellows.

First thing Yes Man told me was that that bunker in Fortification Hill he had told me about was super-important. It had an army of these robots that Yes Man was gonna control and use as my allies. So I had to go there and upgrade them and once they were upgraded Yes Man would do the rest.

Then told my computer friend that I decided to ignore the Boomers, convinced the Great Khans to leave the Mojave, the Omertas could be out of our thoughts, the White Gloves were cannibals but I resolved that problem and that the Brotherhood of Steel was to be ignored.

Yes Man told me that Mr. House planned on helping President Kimball, the President of the NCR, who was goin' to the Mojave to visit and had a very high chance of being assassinated by The Legion. By Mr. House's calculations, the death of Kimball would result in a decrease of visitors to New Vegas for five years. But I didn't care, I just want the corrupt out of my Wasteland, so everyone can be free. So I told him I didn't care what happened.

Lastly, he gave me another assignment. I had to install an override chip at a substation controlled by the NCR. I'd get it done.

Firstly I wanted to go get my robot army. So I filled Raul in and headed south, to where the Legion fellow told me to go. Cottonwood Cove. There it would be a bark that'd take me to the Fort, Caesar's home.

Well HOT DAMN! On our way we were attacked by an assassin squad! A Legion assassin squad! That meant I was no longer a guest in Cottonwood Cove OR The Fort... But I had to go there! And so I kept on goin'.

We decided to sleep at the camp that once belonged to some gang members and I had cleared off.

When we got near that Cottonwood Cove place we got on the cliffs that watched over the camp and started pickin' up Legionaries one by one. I'm doin' a lot of killin' this time around heh? I'm sorry sweety pie.

I went down in the camp and finished 'em off. They were gettin' crippled, one legionarie after 'nother. They couldn't stop us.

I found a slave pen at the camp. I unlocked the cage and told them to run. They didn't seem to want to run at first but then I convinced them to go. Told 'em everythin' was gonna be alright. Honey... I didn't notice their explosive colars... Ten steps away from their cage and they all blew up... I... Did I do that?...

No. The Legion did it. Them bastards... I'd get them. Ohh, I'd get them honey.

I killed the man who guarded the boat to The Fort and then rode it myself to the arms of The Legion. But not to hug them. To grab 'em and break 'em.

I got in the camp and they recognized me right away. Didn't even gave 'em time to act, I shot 'em right then. The more I advanced, the more of them there were. But I kept killin' 'em. And Raul too. He shared my pain. Pain that was not mine, but from everyone who The Legion had hurt.

I had almost forgotten why I did go to The Fort. But still, before I went in the bunker, I had to pay Caesar a visit. That bastard.

A couple o' explosive ordinance later, there he was the "Mighty" Caesar, by my feet. Dead. Like many who bravely dared to cross his path. His reign of terror was over.

Then I went in the bunker. There were a couple more legion inside, but I was used to killin' them by then. I put the Platinum Chip in a slot and a hatch opened, leadin' to a door with the Lucky 38 logo. Pass that doors, there were robots and somethin' weird in the air. I started feelin' sick. But I advanced to the end of the bunker. There were lots 'n' lots o' machines. In the end there was 'nother console for me to put the Chip in. I did and I guess that did the trick. There was a big noise and I heard robots marchin'. Then looked out the glass and hooooly dayum sweety pie! We're gonna have lots of support, believe that!

I got out of the bunker. I'm tired and feelin' sick. I have to sleep here at the Fort. The place where I just killed dozens of people. But I can't let that bother me. It's a good deed that I had done to my future Wasteland.

Love you, sweety pie.

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