May 17, 2013

Letter #20: Playin' cupid...

Hey there sweety pie!

I was searched once I got inside the casino, like useual. Raul, too. I didn't know where to start, so Raul suggested we'd talk to the woman at the entrance counter and maybe she'd even give us some dirt on the fellows. While the lady did have loose lips, she seemed afraid to talk about anything related to the Omertas family. Well if even one of their own is afraid it was worth checkin' right?

Lots of strippers, gamblers and drunks inside the casino. Took quite a few turns in the lower lobby, main level and the suites. Lots of areas had restricted access, so I couldn't get inside.

Found the first man that wasn't wearing the Omerta's outfit in suites so I sat down and talked with him. Clanden was the fellows name. He wasn't a man of many words, though. Actually sounded weird.

I couldn't take it anymore. They had all the atmosphere of being criminals, but I couldn't find nothin'! So I broke into the first unguarded locked room I found. Searched everything. I found something illegal alright. It belonged to someone named Cachino, it was a bunch of notes about his own chems and weapons traffic. It seemed clear, also, that the Omertas did not know a thing. So I could use this in my advantage. All the other things on the floor were either tightly guarded of unlockable, so I got down. Thought I'd find this "Cachino" fellow.

Both me and Raul were startin' to get tired of walkin around. We had only one more place to search that wasn't guarded. The Courtyard. Well, we had no idea that's where all the... Prostitutes, would be at. One of them came talkin' to me right away. Joana was her name. She thought I wanted some... Action. Heck. I told her I just wanted to ask some questions. She didn't want to answer my Omertas questions. So I asked about her, to see if I could get a more personal approach. She started to avoid my questions, so I told her, calmly, that she could trust me. She got sad and told she couldn't talk there, so asked me to follow her to her room.

Once we got there I asked her about the Omertas. Her attitude had changed, she called 'em sons of bitches and was willin' to answer my questions. Told me their leader was Nero and that Big Sal was his right hand. Also mentioned Cachino. Said he did nasty, nasty things... Oh honey.

She also started talkin' about her, because she was afraid. She thought she'd die eventually in that place. Mentioned a Carlitos, so I asked about him. She said that he was an Omerta who fell in love with her and, since that was breakin' the rules, Cachino ratted him and he disappeared. I asked her if there was a chance that Carlitos was alive. She said that if he was, he could be long gone. I said I'd find him. The poor girl deserved a chance.

So I left the Gomorrah. Raul told me the best place for him to be was near but far. Hidden under their noses. Because he wouldn't abandon the woman he loved. Heh, made sense! So we searched the Vault 21 hotel, the only low profile buildin' around that could accomodate someone. Sarah, the hotel's owner, told me that he was indeed there. Jackpot, eh eh!

When I found him he was in pretty bad shape. Tryin' to drink himself to 6 feet under. But he got very happy once I told him that Joana had sent me. Asked me to let her know that he was alive and ready to help her. So off I went back to the Gomorrah.

Runnin' back 'n' forth... Raul called me a cupid, eh... Oh well, me and my big heart!

When I got to Joana she was really happy to know that Carlitos was alive. Then she told she wanted to get all the other girls out too, so it would be a little bit harder. I told her I'd keep her safe, no matter what. And so she agreed to flee the Omertas. And I had to go back to Carlitos to tell him... Damn.

Carlitos had a plan. I had to get the girls to Freeside, there he'd have backup. I had to talk to his guys, to tell them Carlitos wanted to collect his favors. That was all right, but I asked him how did he intended to get her out of the Gomorrah. That woul be the hard part, I guessed. But he told me that if they dressed right, like the general Gomorrah customers, the bouncers wouldn't notice the girls.

Me and Raul decided not to collect Carlitos' favor. We were enough, if anything even went down. We had each other's backs. Los Vaqueros of the Mojave, eh eh! (Raul has actually taught me that it is "Los Vaqueros de la Mojave", eh eh).

I met Joana and told her the plan. We had to wait until midnight, like Carlitos wanted. Joana already had the clothes and the girls ready. And so we left the Courtyard. And the Gomorrah. No one even suspected a thing! It all went well honey, eh eh!

We met Carlitos outside The Strip's gate, like he said. It was all goin' pretty well, but then some Omertas appeared. Hell. I came up with somethin' real quick. Told him he was ruinin' "the mission". Of course, he didn't know what I was talkin' about. I mumbled a bit, yeah, but then I told him that the Omertas were tradin' Joana for what Carlitos had stolen. And that I was hired to watch over the deal. They bought it. Eh eh, my silver tongue saved us once again!

Carlitos and Joana seemed so happy. The other girls, too. I didn't want nothin' for the trouble. Just wanted them to leave. And now... The Omertas will get to know me. Mark my words sweety pie. No one gets away with those ammount of crimes in my Wasteland.

Love you sweety pie!

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