May 7, 2013

Letter #18: Los Vaqueros of the Mojave

Hey there sweety pie!

We exited Camp McCarran and rode north, to Nellis Airforce Base, to make contact with the folks called Boomers. When we approached the road to Nellis a stranger talked to us. Told us we'd get blown ta pieces if we went on. Seems like the Boomers shoot everyone on sight. With artillery. Big explosions. Well, not a good first impression I tell ya that! The stranger wanted to tell me the way to get past them, but only if I wagered with'im. Well why not. I gave the fella 300 caps and he said he'd double it if I could get back. Eh eh!

George, the stranger's name, told me it was all in the timing. I had to take cover while they were shootin' and run while they were reloadin'. And so I did it. It was hell on Earth baby! Explosions everywhere. I had to grab the wall I was pressin' against or else I'd get thrown out by the air waves! They reloaded, I ran. They shot, I hid. They reloaded and I ran to their fence, where they wouldn't shoot.

The guard was very surprised to see me alive. I put my hands up and said I didn't want no troubles. Then a girl came along, her name was Raquel. She was in charge of the security there. She took me to their leader. Their leader was an old woman named Mother Pearl. She said my coming was like a gift. Because they had so many problems. Now... This is where it gets rough. I couldn't help them baby. I saw the airforce base. They have farms, water, security. They live in their own world. I have to worry about mine. How I can keep the Mojave alive. I... I didn't like makin' that call. As I left Mother Pearl's house I felt sad. Y'know I like to help people. But I also have to make choices. There's a battle coming. If I don't prepare, I'll never get the Mojave to work the way I want it to, the best way to work.

I explored a bit more before I left. I wanted to see the Boomers. Maybe after I got the Mojave to work I could still comeback for them!

While watchin' the Hangars an' all those broken planes Someone caught my eye. An old man. Yes, this was the perfect oportunity to show Raul once and for all that old men can be useful! I could only hope that he was indeed useful eh eh! His name was Loyal. He was the repairman of the tribe. Just like Raul eh eh!

It didn't take long before Raul talked with me. Said that it was a good thing to see and I smiled. I knew what he ment. All those old people, making best of what they could to help their own. Then Raul asked me if he wanted me to finish his story. I smiled and leaned against a wall. Said headed north to Tuscon, Arizona. Had a shack and started fixin' things for the town and it's folk. He said he was... Happy, there. I asked why didn't he stay. Y'know, 'cause I do want so see Raul happy. He deserves it. He said that, after living in Tuscon for 75 years, he saw someone. Claudia was the gal's name. Said she looked just like Rafaela, her sister. Claudia worked in the town's brothel. Then a tribe of raiders went in to town, lookin' for ammo. Raul told me he sold them the ammo, hopin' they'd leave without no trouble if he did. But he was wrong. They went in the brothel and got crazy. Killed four of the girls. Took Claudia with them to their hide-out. Raul followed them, tracked 'em down. Took'im three days. When he had arrived, Claudia was shot in both her eyes... He avenged her, just like he did with Rafaela. Didn't go well. He killed two of them and the other five shot'im and shot'im hard. Said he was kept alive purely by rage and will power. And then he shot'em all. They were dead. Caudia avenged. He just laid there. After some time he could move. Even more time, he made it back to Tuscon. Then, after he recovered better, he rode West, swearing he'd give up on the gunslingin' life. Walked into Tabitha in Black Mountain. The rest I already knew right? Eh eh! But then he thought that, seeing me fight, he was only slowing me down. He sugested to keep my pistols workin' while I did the shootin'. Well, I respect his decision. I respect him. But I did say that he was foolin' himself. He was great with his pistols. Better than me. And then... You'll never guess what Raul took off his backpack sweety pie, eh eh!

His Old Vaquero costume eh eh eh! Raul and Carter, Los Vaqueros of the Mojave! (he'll teach me better spanish eventually eh eh!)

So we left Nellis, with hopes to come back after the Mojave's business was settled. We went into Freeside and got to The Strip as fast as we could. I still had to look into the White Gloves, the Omertas and had to go to The Tops to check on my buddy. I did that last one.

I talked with Tommy Torini at the Tops. Everyone I had talked to to go there was there. I received the caps though and then sat next to my friedn. We talked a little about what he thought of his new life. I could only think about I would, hopefully, make it all even better. And not just for him, but for everyone!

I wanted to go to the Lucky 38. Not talk to Yes Man, I'd do that when everything was done. I wanted to see Rose. And also get a good night's sleep. But Rose... It wasn't fair for her, I haven't been around for so long!

When she saw me walk out of the elevator she slapped me, then hugged me and then cried. We sat down and talked a lot. About Zion, about Raul... About my new hat, eh eh! It was so good to be with her again. We stood up late. And now I am going to sleep. A lot. Eh eh!

Love you sweety pie!

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