Feb 18, 2013

Letter #5: A HAT!

Hey there sweety pie!

I rode to Boulder City as I said I would. I met this nice fellow on the roadside who had a mighty fine guitar. I told him just that and we just started talkin' for a long time. He was really friendly, but had a sad story, 'cause daddy left him. He asked me if I knew somewhere I could find a job for him, as a musician. I told him I didn't know about anything. I slept in his camp and then left before he woke up. But I promised myself I'd be back.

Arrivin' at Boulder City I noticed the town was under NCR's control. I didn't really liked them fellows but I wouldn't avoid it just because of them! One of them approached me and said they were having a Great Khan complication. I offered to help, since I had to talk to them anyways.

The Great Khan's group leader was pretty surprised when he saw me... I guess I'd be too, if I shot someone in the head and they'd come back from the grave eh eh! He said that that no good fellow Benny had stole him that Platinum Chip they took from me. I told him that if he let the hostages he made from the NCR free I'd have the NCR escort them out. Then he gave me Benny's lighter.

When I exited, the NCR soldier that talked to me in the first place told me that he got orders to shoot down the Great Khans. I told him I had amde a deal and still he said "orders are orders"... I told him that if he had any integrity, he would let them go and not shoot them down like dogs.

On my way out Boulder City I found Victor, my favorite tin can! Yee-haa! He said he'd buy me the first round when I got to New Vegas eh eh!

I had been walking for a bit and before I knew it New Vegas was right there! I could see all the casinos, so close to me! I was runnin' low on caps so before I entered Freeside, which led to The Strip, I went in Crimson Caravan, the place that fellow Ringo I saved back in Goodsprings had told he'd be. And that lil' girl at the Mojave Outpost, too, talked to me about this place.

YES YES YES, OH MY LORD YES! Some nice fellow at the Crimson Caravan had a hat for me! Oh my goodness, I look fine!

The old lady that runs the Crimson Caravan said she had a job for me as a runner, so I took it. I had to go to Camp McCarran deliver an invoice to their doctor. I did it as fast as I could, since I didn't wanna spend much time workin'. When I got back the old lady was pleased for my work and told me that there were two more things she needed done. One of them involved going back to the Mojave Outpost to talk to that girl I had met, Cassidy. I had to do it, I felt bad for the poor lost soul and had to help her.

So yeah, it's gonna be a loooong ride, goin' all the way back to the Outpost. But I'm used to it.

Love you sweety pie!

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