Feb 17, 2013

Letter #4: Ghouls!

Hello sweety pie!

Remember I's lookin' for my attackers right? A nice man in Novac told me that town's sniper might know something about them! And to top that, that fine man sold me a gun that he called That Gun and it's really my style eh eh!

Manny, the sniper, knew the fellow of the checkered coat, but he wasn't gonna tell me 'til I did him a favor. He told me somethin' about some ghouls cutting the town's junk supply and the town becoming a ghost town if I didn't get rid of them. Since I didn't have any choice, I said I'd do it!

I had to go REPCONN Facility. It was filled with feral ghouls from the start, those skinny scary ones! When I got inside a scary voice talked to me over the intercom machine and told me to go to the big room at the east of the building. I was alone in a building full of scary ghouls, so I just did it! When I got there I found that the fellow that talked to me was a human part of a ghoul group (civilized ghouls, don't worry eh eh!) led by one glowing ghoul named Jason Bright! This fellow wanted to lead his group on a journey to go to paradise, from what I understood! But then he told me that "demons" interrupted their journey and he asked me to go to the basement to get rid of them! YEE HAA, sounded exciting!!

I miss my hat...

I snuck up through the basement and found one of the "demons". He was a big monster, but didn't attack me in sight. He was talking to himself, like having an argument, then he decided to ask me what did I want. He said his friends, the other "demons", were not "right in the head like him" (not that he had all the bolts in their place!) and would attack me on sight... Then he told me that they were there because there was supposed to be a stealth boy shipment in a room, but the problem was that that room was being guarded by a "though ghoul"... I was begining to get confused!

I entered the room and the ghoul was up high with his gun pointed to the door. He didn't shoot me as he saw I wasn't one of the demons, lucky me! I talked to him and he seemed nice. When we stopped talkin' I assumed we was all right. But when I got further in the room to explore to find those stealthboys the damned fool started shooting at me! I didn't like killing that fellow one bit...

When I found the shipment notes they said that there were no stealthboys there, making all that misfit a whole big nonsense!

I went back to the monster and told him that the stealth boys weren't there. First he didn't believe me but then he started arguing with himself again and he told me he would leave. Then I had to go back to the ghoul group and so I did. When I told him he and his folk started runnin' like crazy to the launch pad. Once I got there Jason told me that they needed my help one last time. He told me to speak to Chris, the human, and then he thanked me for everything. Then Chris told me where I could find the trinkets he needed and I went off and searched. I found the rocket fuel in a dead boy's body and some controllers or thrusters or what it was I had to buy them from an old lady that had a junkyard... I'm pretty poor because of that right now... Then I had to go launch the rockets myself... I tell you sweety pie, I was getting tired of it! But I had to do, so that fellow Manny could tell me where to go... So I went all the way up again and launched the rockets! It was an hell of a show I tell ya!

I went back to Novac to talk to the fellow Manny. He said that the fellow that attacked me was named Benny and was headed to Boulder City. That's where I'm going now then!

Love you seety pie!

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