Feb 6, 2013

Letter 1: Hey sweety pie!

Hey sweety pie!

You wouldn't belieeeeve what happened to me woman!

I is doin' ma job, ight? The one I got has a Courier and been usin' to get you some money? I get this big Platinum Poker Chip and a helluva payment! I is all like "YEE HAA"! But turns out the damn chip is covetted by others! Now hear what I says... I got shot in the head over it! Hell! A fancy pants lad with a checkered suit shot me, that's all I remember! But turns out I's pretty much alive, or I wouldn't be writin' this letter, huh-huh!

A Doctor, Mitchel his name, patched me up real good! Doc gave me all my trinkets back and sewed my head back to make me look like the chocolate brownie you love eh eh! He had me do some Vigor testing and a psichological test too. The results were nice, I guess! Said I had 4 for strength, 8 for perception, 5 for endurance, 7 for charisma, 4 for intelligence, 5 for agility and 7 for luck. Guess I's pretty lucky, yes indeed! Said my faculties was Guns, Explosives and Speech! Guess he found out my work on the mines and even how I conquered you sweety pie, eh eh!

Doc said some metal fella pulled me out, name was Victor. He was a weird, big robot, with a screen in the middle, and the image of a cowboy on the screen! He was so nice eh eh! I followed him to the place were he'd dug me up, to search for clues about them rascals who tried to kill me, pretty nice walk with the metal fella. Next to my grave we found some fancy cigarette butts who had to belong to that fancy pants who shot me! Guess I's doin' a sheriff work now, lookin' for evidence an' all, you best be proud sweety pie, eh eh!

Then I went back to Goodsrpings, the town of the fellow Doc who helped me get back on my feet and went to the saloon, to meet young Sunny Smiles, who the Doc'd said would help me getting back my gun skills! I thought, hell why not!

We hunted down some critters by the town's wells, geckos they were. It was sad, a town gal was jumped by three of them and I was too late to help her... May her rest in peace!

When I got back to the Saloon to meet Trudy, the "town mother", to thank for the hospitality, there was a rude fella shouting at her. When he left runnin' I asked her 'bout it and she says the fella's name is Joe Cobb and belongs to a gang called the Powder Gangster or Gangers or whatnot! Bunch of bullies tryin' to find Ringo, a fella holed up in Goodsrpings, hidin' from the Powder Gangers. Well I decided to help the poor soul! She also told me to head to Primm, where I got the Courier job, 'cause that's where the rascals that shot me were headed.

I went an' talked to Ringo, poor boy, very scared and offered to help. He told me to ask Sunny for help too and she told me to round up folk from town. I managed to get Trudy to gather some more folk, get Easy Pete to lend me some sticks o' dinamyte, get some supplies from Doc Mitchel and finnaly some equipment from Chet, the local store owner. We was all ready fer them Powder Gangers!

Once I talked to Ringo and said I was ready that gal Sunny came burstin' in and told us that the Powder Gangers were kickin' on our door!

YEE HAAA! Honey I know you don't like me getting all pumped up from the killin' of the old days, but that was an heck of a fight! I pulled out my Sturdy shotgun and blew Cobb's head RIGHT off! Sorry honey, I won't get excited no more...

Well I end this letter makin' my way to Primm, to find out where the fancy folk went!

Hope everythin' is alright there in the sunny California!

PS: My new hat:

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