Feb 10, 2013

Letter #2: MY HAT!!!

Hey sweety pie!

I wish you could enjoy this Radia New Vegas sweety! This Mr. New Vegas sure is something!

Oooo-eee! I spent the night for the first time on a strange place! It was a wrecked RV with a couple of beds on it, so I took advantage of the find and slept on it! Don't worry, I am ok eh eh! When I woke up a poor fellow asked me to help get his sweety rescued from a top of a ridge from some vicious gecko critters! You know me honey, I can't refuse to help, no no! I killed the critters and there was no girl on a top of the ridge! The fellow had fooled me, an' I fell for it like a dum' rabbit walkin' on to a coyote's jaws! I am sorry to say to you darlin' that I blew the son's head off with my shotgun, yes I did...

On my ways to Primm I found Victor, while battling some geckos. He said that he felt responsible for me! Ain't that sweet comin' from a robot! At Primm's entrance a NCR folk came runnin' and warned me about the dangers of wanderin' into Primm, because of the escaped convicts. Well I asked him why wouldn't they take care of them and they said it was not their juristiction or jurisdiction or whatever the hell you spell that! Well I call bullshit, they should be protectin' the poor folk in town! That NCR is just too damn burocratic!

I went in the Mojave Express building, where I used to work, just to find an empty building... Well at least the owners ain't dead! So I went lookin' for 'em in the town's casino and damn right I was! There he was, Johnson Nash, owner of the Mojave Express. He said that the job I was given (and killed over) was very strange. From what I gathered, Victor, the robot, hired the couriers and also said that Courier 5 cancelled the job as soon as he saw my name next on the list! Nash thinks we must have an history, but heck I have no idea who he might be! As for my attackers, he said that the town's deputy, Deputy Beagle, should know something, except he was captured by them convicts... Seemed like I'd have to go and get myself shot eh eh! Don't worry sweety pie, you won't get this letter if I am shot eh eh!

Damned convicts ripped apart my cowboy threads!! I made them pay for that, yes I did! It's not the same without my hat! I found the Deputy soon enough and set him free, but had to resort to threatenin' the sir so that he wouldn't flee!

We cleared the rest of the buidling and headed back to the casino. When we got there he told me he couldn't be sheriff because he wasn't brave enough and wanted me to go get myself in danger to get him a new sheriff... Well damn! He said that there was someone at the NCR Correctional Facility that could gte the job done... Damn, I didn't want nothin' to do with those Powder Gangers, they already hated me enough... But I couldn't leave the town of Primm in jeopardy, no no!

I slept in a camp near the Facility, so I could storm it in the morning.

I got a revolver from the door guard! It kind of compensates for the loss of the hat eh eh! I talked to Meyers, the fellow that Beagle indicated me to be their sheriff. He told he would do it if he got pardoned by the NCR. So I went and saw what could I do! Too bad the Mojave Outpost was so far away... But hey, I had a commitment, so I had to do it! I recognized the Outpost from distance by the statue of two gentlemen shakin' hands. I went aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way there and talked to the commander, who gave Meyers the pardon. Before leaving I went to the Outpost bar, to get myself relaxed for the trip back. I met this troubled girl, young enough to be our daughter, who was drinkin' to forget all her problems. I felt sorry for her I did.

So I made aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to Primm to talk to Meyers and tell him that his pardon was taken  care off. He was happy eh eh. Then I went to talk to Beagle about my atackers and he told me a group of Great Khans and the man in a checkered suit headed to Novac through Nipton... That's where I's headed then, YEEE-HAA!

Love you sweety pie!

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